preventeza by vagisil

Vagisil manufacturer introduces new OTC emergency contraceptive

BY Antoinette Alexander

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Combe, the makers of Vagisil, has announced the launch of Preventeza, an OTC emergency contraceptive for the prevention of pregnancy.

Preventeza (levonorgestrel tablet, 1.5 mg) is available online or OTC as a single tablet. According to the company, Preventeza is an option to help women prevent pregnancy before it starts by using the same ingredient as most birth control pills, just at a higher dose.

“It’s hard to believe that while one in two women may need an EC in their lifetime, only 10 percent of women have actually used it. If you’ve had a condom break or missed a pill, you are not alone and something this common shouldn’t send you in a panic to the drug store. At Vagisil, we are making it our mission to take this panic out of that stressful moment by allowing you to remain in control and help prevent pregnancy before it starts with Preventeza,” said Keech Combe-Shetty, Vagisil CEO.



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