The Relief Products intros overnight relief ointments for eyes

The Relief Products is expanding its collection of homeopathic offerings.

Shoppers can now find new PM ointments to provide relief for conditions that tend to worsen at night, as part of the Reno, Nev.-based company’s growing portfolio.

Relief from such common ailments as pink eye, blepharitis, eye fatigue and allergies is now provided, as well as sleep promotion. Each of the new preservative-free ointments also includes an active ingredient for sleeplessness, which makes it easier to fall asleep, the company said.

The brand’s latest launches include:

  • PinkEye Relief PM Ointment, which temporarily relieves such nighttime pink eye symptoms as burning, watering, swelling, sensations of grittiness, overnight crusting of the eye and sleeplessness;

  • Eye Lid Relief PM Ointment, which offers relief for such Blepharitis-like symptoms as crusting, gritty lids, swollen and red lids and sleeplessness;

  • Eye Strain Relief PM Ointment, which temporarily relieves such nighttime eye strain symptoms as dry eyes, eye strain with headache, eye fatigue, blurry vision, double vision, and sleeplessness; and

  • RedEye Relief PM, which is formulated to relieve such nighttime red eye symptoms as burning, stinging, itching, watering of the eyes, redness, dry eyes and sleeplessness.

Shoppers can find all four of the new launches from The Relief Products on Walgreens shelves, where they retail for $10.99 each.