Pepto Diarrhea and Pepto Bismol Liquicaps

P&G intros Pepto Diarrhea, Pepto Bismol Liquicaps

BY David Salazar

Procter & Gamble is broadening the offerings available from its Pepto Bismol brand. The company recently introduced Pepto Diarrhea for diarrhea relief and Pepto Bismol Liquicaps, which the company said offers a convenient delivery form for on-the-go consumers.

New Pepto Diarrhea is formulated to simultaneously coat the stomach and kill any bacteria causing diarrhea, attacking it at the source, the company said. Pepto Bismol Liquicaps, which mark the first form innovation in the category in more than 25 years, are designed to offer the same relief as the original liquid formulation wherever symptoms may occur.

“Under the name Bismosal, Pepto Bismol was first invented in the early 1900s to address a form of cholera that caused severe diarrhea. In 1919 the product name was changed to Pepto Bismol. After 100 years of expanding the relief to cover five symptoms, we are returning to our roots with the launch of a single-symptom product focused on diarrhea relief,” said Ilonka Laviz, brand franchise director for North America digestive wellness at P&G. “Pepto Bismol has been a trusted product for tummy troubles for a century now, and with the introduction of Pepto Diarrhea and the Liquicap, we’re ensuring that there’s a Pepto for every consumer and every situation.”


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