NasoNeb looks to build awareness of its sinus therapy device


Prescription drugs aren’t the only products that make the transition from prescription-only to the OTC aisle. NasoNeb’s Sinus Therapy System recently made the switch, so Drug Store News caught up with NasoNeb president William Flickinger to discuss how the company is looking to make consumers aware of the recent switch and help retailers build out their sinus care offerings with the product.

Drug Store News: Tell us about NasoNeb. How does it work?

William Flickinger: The patented NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System delivers a high concentration of medication throughout the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities, unlike spray bottles that reach only the front of the nasal cavity or irrigation bottles that reach only two-thirds or so of the cavity with a weak solution.

The NasoNeb STS is used to deliver NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution, any saline products and prescription medications for people suffering from nasal allergies, sinus infections and other sinus conditions. The NasoNeb technology has been the subject of several clinical studies at leading universities and institutions, including positive outcomes studies.

The NasoNeb STS includes a compressor that delivers filtered air into the NasoNeb Cup Assembly via a supply tube. The air exits a small port in the cup. This airflow draws fluid into the airstream to create a spray. The large droplet size of the spray ensures the medication stays in the nasal cavity and out of the lungs. The airflow pushes the spray deep into the nasal cavity, past those structures that stop weaker sprays delivered by spray bottles.

The NasoNeb System has moved from prescription-only to OTC. Physicians have had experience with the prescription-only NasoNeb for several years. They know the product and recommend it by name to their patients.

Eventually, the cup assembly and tubing should be replaced about every six months. The NasoNeb STS Supply Kit is an opportunity for additional revenue.

DSN: How are you promoting the product to consumers in-store?

WF: We have created an attractive aisle display and work with retailers to provide in-store coupons, promotions, photos for ads in circulars and in-store flyers. Temporary price reductions are scheduled for maximum sales impact in peak seasons.

DSN: How about out of store and through educational vehicles?

WF: Consumers visit the NasoNeb website, where we have many resources for them, including detailed descriptions, introductory and how-to-use videos, and testimonials from actual users. Consumers often find us through our Facebook page, where there is a growing community that interacts with each other, shares our posts and responds to boosted posts. They also can find our videos on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. We have developed radio scripts to be used with local market, and are expanding our social media campaign.

DSN: How can retailers maximize sales from it in terms of marketing and merchandising?

WF: Strategically place the product in such high-traffic areas as the cough-cold section to ensure its visibility to the consumer, particularly during the cough-cold and allergy seasons. This could be placement in the aisle display, on an endcap and near the pharmacy counter. Ensure that the pharmacist and pharmacy tech are aware of the product and its benefits. NasoNeb provides educational tools for the pharmacist and pharmacy techs to ensure they are familiar with the NasoNeb STS and why it is superior to other delivery systems.

DSN: Are there other products in your pipeline? Can you tell us about them?

WF: We continue to investigate additional opportunities to extend the NasoNeb franchise. For instance, we recently released NasoNeb Moisturizing Solution. When used in the NasoNeb STS, NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution provides an intensive, deep moisturizing experience. Its dual-salt formulation contains multiple moisturizers and is pH balanced for the nose. It is less drying than saline, non-habit-forming and safe for daily use. The NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution and Supply Kit represent repeat sales in a razor-razorblade model.


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