Hemp expert weighs in on Farm Bill implications


One of the biggest questions facing certain manufacturers this year concerns wider cultivation of hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill, which was signed late last year, paves the way for more cultivation and commercial activity. Cannabis and hemp industry lawyer Bob Hoban is cautiously optimistic about what the year might hold for hemp makers, according to a recent interview with Cannabis News Network.

“What makes me nervous about it, we’re going from the [Drug Enforcement Administration] presiding over cannabis, or hemp in this case to the [Food and Drug Administration] and the [Department of Agriculture],” he said. “The USDA will have a good handle on it, there are good regulations in place. This is going to be a difficult challenge for the FDA, but also for the farmers and processors that have built themselves up around existing standards.”

He also said that Colorado has been a proving ground for a potentially wider model of hemp cultivation. See the full interview above.


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