Ear care companies launch new products

BY Nora Caley

Two manufacturers in the ear care space recently added to their product lineups.

Earwax MD manufacturer Eosera expanded its lineup of ear care products with Ear Itch MD, designed to alleviate itching ears. It comes in an easy-to-use spray to deliver relief right where the person needs it most. It is safe for ages 2 years old and older, and contains pramocaine. When properly applied to the external ear canal, this formula works to anesthetize the area and thus relieve itch in the ear canal.

Also new from Eosera is Wax Blaster MD, an ear irrigation tool that is easy to use and provides more control than a standard rinsing bulb, the company said.

IHear Medical, which offers an at-home screening test for hearing, has added an in-store version. The new iHEAR In-Store Hearing Screener will complement the iHEARtest-OTC, which the company said is the only FDA-cleared home hearing screening kit currently available at major drug store chains and independent pharmacies.


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