Kmart Pharmacy to conduct free memory screenings in May

BY Brian Berk

NEW YORK — Kmart Pharmacy and The Alzheimer's Foundation of America have expanded their partnership, whereby Kmart will conduct free memory screenings in all of its locations throughout the country and Puerto Rico during "Older Americans Month" in May. 

In addition, Kmart will again conduct memory screenings in November during Alzheimer's Awareness Month. 

The initiative encourages people to take a proactive approach to brain health. More than 4,500 people were screened across the nation and in Puerto Rico last November in Kmart stores during Alzheimer's Awareness Month. 

Jennifer Speares, Director of Pharmacy Compliance for Kmart, said that this program continues to emphasize Kmart's commitment to providing their members better "care beyond the counter." "Kmart Pharmacy is honored to once again work with the Alzheimer's Foundation this year to help in early detection of Alzheimer's. The Foundation's passion to bring awareness to this disease and to improve brain health is contagious. All of our specially trained pharmacists nationwide are pleased to partner with the Foundation to provide these valuable screenings on a walk up basis in any Kmart Pharmacy nationwide,” she said.

Kmart is also a community sponsor for AFA's 2017 Educating America Tour.  In celebrating its 15th anniversary, AFA has embarked on an educational tour this year, across 15 states, with the goal of helping people become more proactive about brain health and memory concerns.  Each tour stop will include an educational conference for family and professional caregivers, individuals with dementia, and the community, featuring dementia and caregiving experts, and free, confidential memory screenings.

"We are very pleased that Kmart Pharmacy has agreed to continue our partnership and work together to help people in our community improve their brain health," said Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr., AFA's president and CEO. "Memory screenings are a very important first step in maintaining brain health.  By conducting screenings in all of their stores, we are able to reach more people and raise awareness, which in turn, will lead to more people being able to identify if they have memory issues." 

A memory screening is a non-invasive test consisting of questions and tasks designed to gauge memory, language and thinking skills. A screening is not a diagnosis; however, if a person scores below the normal threshold, he or she will be referred to a primary care physician for a full evaluation. It is important to keep in mind that not all memory problems are indicative of Alzheimer's disease. Other sources of memory problems include vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues and depression, which are treatable and in some cases, curable.


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