Foreo brings its Luna facial cleansing device stateside

BY Antoinette Alexander


NEW YORK — Sweden-based beauty company Foreo has launched stateside with its Luna facial cleansing device.

With business in the U.K. and Asia since its inception in 2013, Foreo is continuing to grow with the introduction of Luna in the U.S.  Within the last two months, Foreo entered more than 1,500 doors and e-commerce counterparts in established retailers nationwide.

With headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden, Foreo utilizes multidisciplinary collaboration between specialists in dermatology, dentistry, engineering and ethics to create beauty devices that merge aesthetically striking designs with functionality.  

The brand's first stateside introduction, the Luna, features T-Sonic pulsation (transdermal sonic pulsations) technology. The 8,000 pulsations per minute are channeled through Luna’s soft, silicone touch points. While in cleansing mode, these pulsations create a "patting" motion directed across the skin's surface, subsequently dislodging dirt and makeup from the pores. Through this tap-like movement, the skin can be cleansed without the rotating or oscillating action of existing bristled devices that might irritate the skin or harm its elasticity due to their pulling and pinching effects. Luna utilizes medical grade silicone, delivering more hygienic properties than nylon bristles while removing 99.5% of dirt from the skin's pores, the company stated.

The Luna also features an anti-aging surface on its reverse side that channels lower-frequency pulsations that deliver a gentle massage. This massaging effect is known to increase micro-blood circulation and help with the relaxation of facial muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Luna is 100% waterproof, provides up to 450 uses from one single charge, does not require a change of brush head and has a selection of speeds to accommodate personal preference, the company stated.

After launching with the first retailers in 2013, the Luna range will be placed in more than 4,000 stores globally by the end of this year. The Luna range consists of several different models with options for everyone and every skin type:

  • Luna: Currently the flagship of the Luna range, featuring eight speeds and an anti-aging mode; available in three designs for ultra-sensitive, normal and combination skin types;
  • Luna Mini: A travel-friendly T-Sonic cleansing device suitable for all skin-types and available in five colors;
  • Luna for Men: Designed specifically for a man's oilier skin, this take on Luna promises to ensure a closer, smoother shave after one minute of use, while driving out the skin's impurities to help prevent razor burn; and
  • Luna Luxe: Luxe designs include a 20-karat gold base and four-zone brush surface for women, and platinum base and thicker touch-points for men, both with dual T-Sonic technology.

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