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Heinz innovates burger eating experience with Dip & Crunch

heinz dip and crunch

Heinz is changing the way consumers enjoy their meals — specifically burgers.

New from the brand is Dip & Crunch, which combines a sauce with crisp potato crunchers inside a two-in-one package designed to elevate the burger-eating experience, the company said.

Featuring a burger sauce made from tomato puree, molasses, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic powder, tamarind concentrate, onion powder and spices, the crisp crunchers also included in the package were designed to cling to the smooth sauce when dunked.

“Here at Heinz, we recognize the magic in making memories on burger night thanks to the way our condiments uniquely elevate the classic burger,” said Ashleigh Gibson, brand director at Heinz. “As we continue to reimagine mealtime, we’re excited to offer a solution for consumers looking for accessible dipping sauces and unique textures to help further embrace the fun of cooking and eating at home.”

Heinz’s Dip & Crunch is available in regular and spicy varieties and can be found nationwide at such retailers as Walmart, Meijer, Target and Giant.


Alembic gets FDA OK for generic Olux

Binder with FDA Approved

Alembic’s subsidiary, Aleor has received the Food and Drug Administration’s green light for clobetasol propionate foam, 0.05%.

The product is the generic of Mylan’s Olux Foam.

It is a corticosteroid indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis of the scalp and mild to moderate plaque psoriasis of non-scalp regions of the body excluding the face and intertriginous areas in patients aged 12 years old and older. 

Clobetasol propionate foam has a market value of roughly $10 million for the 12 months ending December 2021, according to IQVIA.


Grande Cosmetics rolls out eyeliner with lash enhancing serum

GrandeLiner Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum

Grande Cosmetics is helping consumers obtain their best natural lashes yet with a new liquid eyeliner that contains the same actives as its GrandeLash-MD.

The GrandeLiner Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum contains amino acid L-proline to help users obtain healthy and fortified lashes; as well as hyaluronic acid to condition and protect while also preventing breakage and hydrating dry, brittle or damaged lashes; and vitamin E to support lash health, the company said.

Available in a black color that contains a 12-hour wear and is water-resistant, the eyeliner does not feather, smudge or flake, features a precision brush for control, stays in place, and is made with a cruelty-free formula.

Currently, GrandeLiner Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum is available for purchase exclusively at Sephora and for the suggested retail price of $40.


L’il Critters debuts melatonin supplement

l'il critters melatonin

L’il Critters has launched a brand-new supplement designed to help children achieve a restful night’s sleep.

The Ewing, N.J.-based company’s latest melatonin gummy was designed to work naturally with children’s bodies, regulate sleep cycles and contains such ingredients as passionflower, chamomile and lemon balm

Available in a natural plump peach flavor, each serving is made with 1.5 mg of melatonin for sleep support and does not contain high fructose corn syrup, synthetic FD&C dyes, artificial flavors, gluten, dairy or sugar, the company said.

“It’s important for kids to live an active and healthy lifestyle, while also getting a decent night’s sleep,” said John Bullock, brand manager at L’il Critters™ Gummy Vitamin Brand. “We created L’il Critters Melatonin to help kids by providing sleep support and are confident that kids and parents alike will enjoy this yummy new gummy.”

Currently, L’il Critters Melatonin gummies are available for purchase online at


GoodPop intros gluten-free oatmilk frozen dessert

good pop teaser

GoodPop is unveiling a new addition to its better-for-you frozen treat portfolio.

The latest launch from the Austin, Texas-based company is its line of plant-based and gluten-free frozen dessert sandwiches.

“With plant-based novelties being the fastest growing segment in the ice cream category and consumer feedback showing demand for better for you frozen desserts, the time was right to take our philosophy and elevated sourcing standards to expand beyond the pop and create our version of an ice cream sandwich as we continue to redefine the frozen novelties category,” said Rahul Shah, president and chief operating officer of GoodPop.

Available in a chocolate vanilla sandwich variety, each contains 100 calories and 8 g of sugar per serving, is kosher, and made with only fair trade and non-GMO ingredients, the company said.

“We love reinventing classic nostalgic favorites with better-for-you ingredients, which means they have a much shorter, better-for-you ingredient list and are allergen-friendly, but without sacrificing taste,” said Daniel Goetz, CEO and founder of GoodPop. “We decided to enter new territory because we saw an opportunity in the market to recreate the cult classic ice cream sandwiches like the ones we grew up with in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but with cleaner ingredients that are more delicious and better for people and the planet. We’re proud of the result with our Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches as we continue our mission of using frozen treats as a vehicle to do social and environmental good through our Pledge Good Foundation.”

GoodPop plant-based and gluten-free frozen chocolate vanilla sandwich retails from $4.99 to $5.99 and can be found at such retailers as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, H-E-B, Gelson’s, Raley’s and online at


Nexus rolls out generic Erythrocin


Nexus Pharmaceuticals is offering erythromycin lactobionate for injection, in 500mg/vial in single-dose vials.

A generic of Pfizer’s Erythrocin, erythromycin lactobionate is indicated in the treatment of infections caused by susceptible strains of designated organisms when oral administration is not possible or when the severity of the infection requires immediate high serum levels of erythromycin.

“The launch of erythromycin lactobionate showcases Nexus’ commitment to providing critical antibiotics where and when they are needed most,” said Vince LoPiccolo, vice president of sales and marketing at Nexus Pharmaceuticals. “Erythromycin is the first of many upcoming antibiotics that Nexus will be providing in the near future as we continue to bolster domestic medication production.”

Nexus Pharmaceuticals’ erythromycin lactobionate for injection is available in cartons of five single-dose vials.