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Knowing the CBD vetting process


How can retailers vet potential partners in the CBD and hemp categories? Officials at Functional Remedies have compiled a list of questions merchants should ask their potential suppliers in this category to ensure they are worthy of working with them. Here are some of those queries:

• Is the entity a “real” manufacturer, or a marketing company?
• Does the entity own its own seed gene-tics (and intellectual property)?
• Does the entity have a single origin source for raw materials to ensure consistent product?
• Is the source of the raw material compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill?
• Is the source of the raw material regulated from planting to harvest by a state regulatory program?
• Does the entity grow and harvest its own hemp?
• Does the entity own and operate its own extraction equipment?
• Does the entity own its own proprietary extraction method and formulations?
• Does the entity own its manufacturing and production facilities?
• If so, are its facilities GMP compliant and certified?
• Does the entity have its own quality checking and quality assurance programs in place for the entire chain of custody of raw material?
• Does the entity have every lot of products third-party tested for purity, active ingredients, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, etc?
• What is the entity’s true product sup-
ply capacity?
• How well funded is the entity? What
is the company’s long-term financial sustainability?
• Is educating the consumer on the difference between hemp and CBD important?


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