HRG spotlights 5 hot January launches


Hamacher Resource Group kicked off 2019 by evaluating more than 400 new products that hit the market in January. From 440 products — 67% of which were beauty launches, 30% of which were wellness-focused and 3% of which were OTC products — the new product team selected five that stood out from the rest, and that could stand out on the shelf.

1. Ace Kinesiology Knee Support
Ace Kinesiology Knee Support is designed to focus targeted pressure on sore or injured joints. The product features a targeted pressure pad and a flexible fiber matrix backing to make application easier. It’s water resistant and can be worn for up to three days. 3M Consumer sells the knee support in three-count packages.

2. Aspercreme with Lidocaine Dry Spray
Sanofi is expanding its Aspercreme offerings with a quick-delivery method. The company’s Aspercreme with Lidocaine Dry Spray features maximum-strength lidocaine that is applied with an odor-free and dry spray designed to dry instantly. The product is meant to desensitize aggravated nerves and numb pain away.

3. Compound W NitroFreeze Pen and Replacement Tips
Prestige Consumer Healthcare’s Compound W line is expanding with the NitroFreeze Pen. The product is a nitrous oxide treatment designed to remove warts by penetrating deeply to kill the virus inside the wart. It can be used on common and plantar warts.

4. Prell Clean Rinse Conditioner
Though technically a relaunch, Prell’s Clean Rinse Conditioner adds to the legacy brand’s shelf presence. The Neoteric Cosmetics brand formulated the conditioner to be suitable to all hair types, as well as for everyday use.

5. Solarguard
Scarguard Labs’ latest introduction is formulated to protect post-surgery scars and sensitive skin from sun exposure. The product can be used over any existing scar treatment without impeding results.


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