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Featured Partner: Avrio Health Championing a Healthier Tomorrow

BY Avrio Health

With personal care and wellness products becoming increasingly important to today’s shoppers, more consumers are searching for brands that can help them live better lives and offer more individualized solutions. At Avrio Health, we pride ourselves in our commitment to innovation and investing in new possibilities, our understanding of consumer interests and how to reach them, and our relentless passion to develop a strong, diversified portfolio of products that deliver self-care solutions that advance health.

We have a well-respected, well-known portfolio of proven effective brands in infection resilience, digestive wellness and health supplements including Betadine®, Colace®, Senokot®, and SlowMag™ Mg and an experienced team with the passion and expertise to drive novel advances and consumer demand.

In our first year, Avrio Health invested significant resources to create one-on-one connections with our consumers and bring innovative product solutions that are truly differentiated in the marketplace. We continue to engage in meaningful conversations with the industry at every level to drive innovation, education and grow a strong pipeline of consumer-insight led, forward-thinking solutions to improve people’s lives.

A key component of our mission to champion a healthier tomorrow has been through the U.S. relaunch of Betadine®, the antiseptic trusted by hospitals for over fifty years. While Betadine enjoys strong equity among professionals and in global markets, it has not been supported as a consumer-facing brand in the U.S. In 2018 we invested in developing a consumer value proposition for the brand and launched both new packaging and a digital campaign in Q4. We are kicking off a massive PR campaign this year to educate consumers on the role of a topical antiseptic in proper wound care and to announce the introduction of the first branded antiseptic cream.

As part of our infection resilience platform, Avrio Health is assembling a roundtable of healthcare professionals with the goal of updating wound care guidelines to reflect current data in our changing world. We are also looking to partner with retailers on this initiative that will ultimately educate and empower consumers with the best tools for self-care so that they may live healthier lives.

Our digestive wellness platform continues to evolve as the company seeks to bring new innovation into the gut microbiome space. In 2019, we are expanding the Senokot brand beyond laxatives into adjacent segments in the digestive wellness category for the first time to include SenokotTM Kiwi Balance™ and SenokotTM Ginger Care™.”

There is growing consumer interest in effective products inspired by nature, and at the forefront of this initiative is the launch of Senokot Kiwi Balance. This daily supplement, with the key ingredient Kiwi Zyaction™, a patent protected, proprietary blend of freeze-dried kiwifruit pulp containing a naturally occurring enzyme and prebiotics, is clinically proven to promote regularity without bloating or gas.

Our team of passionate scientists and expert strategists seek to impact unprecedented change and bring innovative products to consumers through collaboration, education and our investment in the development of clinically proven effective solutions to champion a healthier tomorrow.

For more information on how we can work together, contact Avrio Health at [email protected].


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