Hallmark launches video greeting cards

Hallmark Video Greeting Cards allow consumers to add a video, music and photos to their personalized greetings.
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Hallmark is continuing to transform the greeting card landscape.

Recently, the Kansas City, Mo.-based company announced the launch of its new Video Greeting Cards, which give consumers the option to create one-of-a-kind moments that can be personalized.

“We are excited to introduce our customers to this new way of sending messages of joy, care, love and encouragement through personalized videos,” Lindsey Roy, Hallmark’s chief marketing officer said. “Whether a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, our customers can now find the perfect Hallmark card to help them connect with their loved ones through an experiential and immersive, digital and tangible way that can be replayed and revisited for years to come.”

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To use the Video Greeting Cards, consumers must first select their option, scan the code in the card with their phone, and once they are connected, users may add a name, song or photos to be included with the video’s message.

Users can also invite others to be part of their video greeting by sending out a special URL that will be provided.

Once uploaded, Hallmark will stitch all the content together into one video, which can be shared on social media once received by the recipient, the company said.

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“This personalized outreach blends the digital and physical connections our consumers want and helps them share their special message with their loved ones on their big day, or just because, to create the Hallmark moment they expect from us, but in a brand new way,” Roy said.

Hallmark’s Video Greeting Cards are available on, as well as at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and other select retailers.