Xlear looks to ingredients to set its sinus solutions apart


Win over the healthcare professionals, get the product onto retail shelves, and consumers will start scooping it up.

That is the strategy at Xlear, an American Fork, Utah-based company that offers a range of natural nasal spray, sinus irrigation and nasal relief products that feature xylitol, an ingredient they said works better than other products on the market.

The company has about 14 SKUs across the three segments, including a nasal spray, 12-hour decongestant nasal spray, sinus rinse and cough drops. Xylitol, according to Xlear CEO Nathan Jones, will kill off bacteria in the throat and nose that other traditional ingredients will not fully remove. He also said that the company has the first natural sugar-free cough drop product on the market.

“We are spending a lot of time educating healthcare professionals about the benefits of xylitol and how it can mitigate the bad side effects,” Jones said. “Our view is that if we can show the professionals the benefits of our products, and they start telling their patients, these same consumers will go into stores asking for it. That is why retailers need to carry our items. The demand for our products is building.”



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