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Premier Manufacturing intros Manitou super-premium cigarettes


Premier Manufacturing is adding an option to the super-premium cigarette category. The Chesterfield, Mo.-based consumer products division of the U.S. Tobacco Cooperative has launched Manitou, a line of six varieties of cigarettes the company said contain only water and flue-cured tobacco from USTC members in the Southeast.

The company said that Manitou cigarettes are free of reconstituted sheet tobacco, stems and fillers, as well as additives, artificial flavors and such additives as artificial preservatives, humectants and synthetic flavors. The cigarettes only use whole-leaf tobacco the company said is picked from the upper stalk of the plant in an effort to offer the best flavor experience.

“We know consumers and retailers are looking for alternative products in this category; one that is truly 100% grown and made in America,” said Russ Mancuso, USTC senior vice president of consumer products. He noted that the company soon will roll out a full marketing campaign spanning print ads, point-of-sale ads and a website to educate consumers about the product.

Manitou cigarettes will be available in six varieties:

  • No. 5, which the company said offers a bright-mellow taste;
  • No. 6, which is said to offer a bright, full-bodied taste;
  • No. 7, meant to offer a smooth, mellow taste;
  • No. 8, which USTC said has a smooth, rich and mellow taste;
  • No. 9, which is meant to have a full-bodied mellow taste; and
  • No. 10, which the company said offers a dark, rich and mellow taste.

The company said besides the ingredients, it’s looking to distinguish Manitou cigarettes through its packaging.

“The packaging designs combine bold color combinations and finishing treatments that elevate the brand. Each pack and carton have embossed textures and has a special sand varnish applied to the edges to let the adult consumer know they are holding something different,” Mancuso said.


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