Olivio adds California olive oil to its products


Olivio, a brand known for its butter and margarine spreads, is switching up its formula a bit.

The Boston-based company announced that it would now be sourcing all of its olive oil from California, with the end goal being to bring the taste of California olive oil to everyday foods and recipes.

“In 1993, my father-in-law Lee Iacocca and I combined our desire to start a family business with our passion for food, particularly Italian, to come up with the idea for a buttery spread made with the goodness of olive oil to encourage our friends and family to use more olive oil in their daily lives,” Ned Hentz, the founder of Olivio said. “Little did we know at the time, but once we expanded into California, we learned that the same climate that produces some of the best wine in the world also produces exceptional olive oil. As a company dedicated to creating great tasting food, we knew we had an opportunity here to bring the unique flavors of California olive oil to everyday foods. We’re thrilled to give the gift of experience through our rich, buttery spreads.”

Featured items in the brand’s California collection do not contain cholesterol, have less fat and fewer calories than other products, the company said. The full collection includes:

  • Original Buttery Spread, which is an all-purpose spread that can be used for baking, sautéing, or be slathered on a piece of bread;
  • Light Buttery Spread, which has fewer fat and calories, and can be added to steamed vegetables or a muffin; and
  • Buttery Spray, which lets consumers spray how much butter they want on their food and contains zero calories per serving.

Shoppers can Olivio’s California products on the shelves of traditional grocers nationwide.


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