Chobani unveils Gimmies line of Greek yogurt snacks


Chobani is making a major commitment to the kid’s yogurt aisle with the launch of its new Gimmies line of Greek Yogurt snack.

“Options today are lousy or impractical. It’s either junk food that parents don’t want their kids to eat or food that’s designed for adults that kids don’t want to eat. We wanted to break that cycle and it’s a challenge we took really seriously,” Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani, said. “As a parent, you know that food for kids has to be fun, it has to be delicious and most importantly, it has to be nutritious. And parents deserve nutritious options they can feel good about giving their kids.”

The Norwich, N.Y.-based company is rolling out 13 new flavors under the Gimmies platform, which will include Crunch, a product similar to the Chobani Flip format; yogurt milkshake drinks, pouches and tubes.

Gimmies products to be launched include:

  • Crunch, which comes in the poppin’ cotton candy, choco chunk cookie dunk, best birthday ever, ooey gooey s’more and rainbow sprinkle cone varieties. It comes in a 4-oz. serving that retails for $1.25;
  • Milkshakes, which are available in the bizzy buzzy strawberry, cookies and cream crush, and chillin’ mint chocolate flavors. It is available in a 4-oz. six pack that retails for $4.49;
  • Tubes, which feature the super berry rocket, creamy orange dreamy and cherry set go options. It comes packaged in a 10-pack of 1.5-oz. serving sizes that retail for $4.29; and
  • Pouches, which include the see ya later strawberry and bunch of bouncy grape varieties, and are available in a four-pack of 3.5-oz. servings that retail for $4.49.

Further information on the products, which are to be supported by an integrated campaign, can be found on Chobani’s website.


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