Sera Labs introduces Seratopical skin care line

CBD brand Sera Labs is branching out its offerings that contain the hemp-derived cannabinoid into the beauty space. The Los Angeles-based company is launching Seratopical, a five-product anti-aging skin care line that soon will launch at major retailers nationwide that offer topical CBD products.

The line includes Seratopical Exfoliating Polish, Day and Night Brilliance Moisturizer, Radiant Glow Facial Oil, Super Booster Serum and Love Your Eyes under-eye cream, each of which contains between 100 mg and 300 mg of CBD.

Sera Labs founder Nancy Duitch said that the key to building and antiaging skin care line with CBD was to first ensure it was effective without CBD. CBD was added, she said, because of its anti-inflammatory properties as a boon to the products’ existing benefits. The company also secures third-party certificates of analysis to ensure a minimal-to-non-detectable level of THC.

Duitch said the line also features packaging that was chosen by Sera Labs customers via survey. “They felt it had a prestige look without a prestige price,” she said.

The line’s price range is from $29 to $55, with plans to introduce new items at a lower price point, including a Seratopical CBD lip balm.

“We’re right in the mid-range for people, it’s not too expensive and not too low. And we’re coming out with a couple of new items in that $9.95 to $29.95 price range,” she said.

Duitch noted that Sera Labs is distinct in that its leadership team came from the direct-response marketing industry.

“We know that you need to market — spend the money on marketing to drive customers to the store in order to get sales,” she said. “So selling in, even though it may be difficult, the goal is selling through with a great product that people will come back over and over again to buy.”

She also said that Sera Labs is supporting its retailer programs with brand ambassadors and is planning a media campaign around the line’s launch.