CVS Pharmacy to introduce curated K-Beauty HQ

BY David Salazar

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Pharmacy, looking to meet growing shopper demand for Korean beauty products, is launching its K-Beauty HQ at 2,100 stores nationwide starting in April, the company announced Wednesday.

K-Beauty HQ will include more than 100 new products from South Korean beauty brands, several of which are exclusive to CVS. To curate the collection of skin care and makeup products, CVS Pharmacy said it worked with Korean beauty expert Alicia Yoon, who founded online beauty store Peach & Lily.

“We are very excited to bring the latest global beauty phenomenon to CVS Pharmacy with our own exclusive K-Beauty offering, developed uniquely with our customers in mind. Increasingly, we’ve seen our customers turning to CVS Pharmacy for healthy beauty — from advanced skincare to naturals — and for products that are inspiring, fun and new,” CVS Pharmacy VP merchandising for beauty and personal care Alex Perez-Tenessa said. “With the launch of the new K-Beauty HQ, we’re able to deliver an extensive collection of new, on-trend products across healthy skincare and playful beauty, further establishing CVS Pharmacy as the leading health and beauty destination.”

The selection focuses on eye-catching, easy-to-understand products that include masks, multi-step skin care regimens, whimsical cosmetics and such cutting-edge ingredients as egg oil and snail mucin. Among the products will be Yoon’s new Peach Slices beauty brand, which includes nine products, including various cotton masks that are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol, parabens and sulfates.

“I’m thrilled to be involved in this launch as CVS Pharmacy is creating one of the largest K-Beauty programs in the world,” Yoon said. “While Korean beauty has been steadily growing in popularity, there are still so many people who cannot easily access Korean beauty products, so this launch will really bring the products to everyone. CVS Pharmacy’s focus on health and beauty is at the core of Korean beauty ideals, and the products specially curated for the K-Beauty HQ will delight and deliver results at a great price.”

Besides Peach Slices, four brands will have products available in the U.S. for the first time exclusively to CVS Pharmacy:

  • JJYoung by Caolion Lab, with its line of bubble masks, pore perfecting cream and pore cleansers;
  • Frudia, with its waterless fruit-based skin care that feature active ingredients in its masks, creams, serums and toners;
  • ElishaCoy with its snail mucin-based products that include snail skin lotion and skin repairing snail essence; and
  • Ariul Egg Collection, with its egg oil-based Brilliant Tone Up Cream and the Tone Up Brilliant Oil 

Other brands included in the K-Beauty HQ offerings are Ariul’s lines of juice cleanse-inspired masks, The Saem’s natural products that include mineral-rich Icelandic water and soothing Australian waratah and Holika’s collection of Sanrio-inspired Gudetama peeling gels, oil-to-foam cleansers and more.

K-Beauty HQ will feature in-store education to make exploring and browsing the section easy, as well as a dedicated hub on


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