Mintel: Consumers opt to use anti-aging products despite sentiments

BY Antoinette Alexander

CHICAGO — Most consumers believe that aging gracefully is genetic but also believe that such factors as diet, exercise and sunscreen play an important role in warding off the signs of aging, according to recent Mintel research.

The research firm found that 69% of consumers believed that how you age is mostly genetic. Eight-out-of-10 consumers also thought that diet and exercise are the most important factors associated with aging skin, and 78% believed that using sunscreen is the real key to preventing visible signs of aging.

While many consumers said that external products, such as anti-aging creams, are "more hope than help," they still believed that something is better than nothing. "There’s a sizable gap between opinion and practice," stated Kat Fay, senior beauty analyst at Mintel. "While there are no guarantees when it comes to anti-aging skin care purchases, many women buy the products anyway with the hope of achieving visible results. They adopt the ‘it’s better to try something than do nothing’ approach."

The $832 million anti-aging skin care market has experienced decelerated growth in the past year, according to Mintel, but sales are expected to increase 46% in current prices from 2010 to 2015.

Currently, 24% of consumers reported using anti-aging skin care products. Another 21% have used wrinkle-reducing facial skin care products in the past year, and 18% reported using skin-rejuvenating products. Meanwhile, 39% of consumers who are concerned with aging have not taken any action to prevent or reverse the signs of aging, according to Mintel.

For those consumers who are concerned about aging, the entire face is the biggest concern (48%), followed by the eye area (41%), the stomach (40%) and the neck (31%). "Respondents [ages 25 to 54 years] report the most likelihood to use facial skin care products with anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing and skin-rejuvenating properties," Fay stated.

"This makes sense, as at age 25 many people are likely beginning to see the first signs of aging and want to prevent further signs. Through middle age, they are trying to reverse the signs; and after age 55, they are likely more resigned to aging and less inclined to spend," she added.


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Jul-10-2013 03:32 am

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anddy says:
Apr-15-2013 07:49 am

As long as they have the options to improve their aging process I don't see why they wouldn't buy these products. Any problem skin can find a solution today thanks to the latest scientific researches.

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Mar-11-2013 07:18 pm

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There are innumerable reasons for aging and around 20% of the cases have been raised due to some skin problems like rosacea, acne, and some other ailments. I think its time for all to get into the real reason of a persons aging problem, so that one can get the best treatment for his problem.

U.USMAN says:
Jan-17-2013 02:07 pm

According to this site the people 78% think that using sunscreen is the real key to preventing visible signs of ageing .Simulation of sunscreen creams sell today.Which is dangerous for our skin.I have a brand for acne which take good care for your skin.

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Dec-13-2012 08:59 am

Although I do believe that the genetics have a huge role in your aging process, I also think that outside factors such as your lifestyle are just as important. If you live a chaotic life, you can't expect to age beautifully, eating junk food, getting stressed all the time and sleeping late at night will get their toll on your skin before you notice. It's one of the reasons why I always visit the beauty salon in my neighborhood. I can hardly change my lifestyle, but that doesn't mean I should do nothing about my skin care. Professional treatments make wonders even for me!

Dec-12-2012 04:21 am

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a.steveni says:
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dony says:
Apr-26-2012 11:45 am

All over the world, acai berry is employed in several forms of skin care products and food supplements, as it is known to have high quantities of antioxidants.

david brower says:
Jan-20-2012 03:57 am

People use a lot of anti-aging products. They really take a lot of care of their skin in the race to look young. This is a great review about people using different skin care products. Also there are a lot of business studies online which help the manufacturers to increase their business.

Mar-16-2011 07:19 pm

This article and the research really hits the nail on the head! Most of us are hoping the advertising for anti-aging products is true, but in our hearts, we know there is no 'fountain-of-youth' in a bottle! If the labels of anti-ageing products (most skin care products of the same type e.g. Moisturisers, for that matter) were examined, it is possible to find they mostly contain the same ingredients. We all need to look closer at the products we use on our bodies to determine what chemicals we may be exposed to.



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