Hot OTC products at NACDS Total Store Expo 2014 – Part 2

BY Michael Johnsen

Zaditor Eye Allergy Drops

In an effort to help highlight the role that good eye health and clear vision play in life, Alcon recently grouped its over-the-counter eye care products into one easy-to-shop solution — the eyeSolution. The eyeSolution portfolio includes Clear Care Solution for contact lens wearers, ICaps Eye Vitamins, Naphcon-A Eye Allergy Drops, Opti-Free, Systane and Zaditor Eye Allergy Drops. Alcon plans to launch two campaigns this year in support of the overall initiative. The first, Get an A+ in Eye Care, will encourage families to think about visiting the eye doctor as they get ready to head back to school. The Science of Beautiful Eyes campaign will launch shortly after, and will be aimed at helping women take care of their eyes.


Cold Sore Treatment

Carma Labs recently launched Carmex Cold Sore Treatment, which, according to the company, is the only over-the-counter cold sore treatment that works on contact to block pain and itch with 10% benzocaine, while also minimizing the appearance of a sore. The combination of the three technologies found in its TriPLEX formula advanced technology allows this new formulation to provide cold sore appearance-softening benefits. The technology helps fill in unevenness of the cold sore and correct the skin tone of the cold sore.


Copper Fit

IdeaVillage’s As Seen on TV Copper Fit is a line of compression products endorsed by NFL linebacker Bruce Davis and nationally-ranked gymnast Sugar Tiner. The fabric is a polyester/spandex blend infused with copper fabric. The compression knee sleeve and ankle socks feature wicking properties and are anti-static and anti-pilling. Copper Fit provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain, and helps reduce muscles’ recovery time. The products also help prevent strain and fatigue, while supporting improved circulation. 


Preconception Health Test

Insight Pharmaceuticals recently introduced e.p.t Preconception Health Test, a new product that measures vaginal acidity and indicates the presence of infections so women can visit their doctor and seek treatment before trying to conceive. The test consists of a swab with an easy-to-hold grip and a color-changing tip. If any part of the tip is stained blue or green, vaginal acidity is abnormal, which can be a sign of an infection, indicating that women should see their healthcare provider. If the color tip remains unchanged, vaginal acidity is normal. The e.p.t Preconception Health Test retails for $17.99 per two-count box.


Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub

The Mentholatum Co. recently launched Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub, a chest rub specially formulated for nighttime use by combining a lavender scent with a maximum strength formula to effectively soothe and relieve cough-cold symptoms. Mentholatum Nighttime Vaporizing Rub will be available at retailers this fall, just in time for the height of the cough-cold season. The suggested retail price is $6.99, and during its launch a $1 coupon will be included on each box, along with a scratch-and-sniff sticker, allowing consumers to experience the scent before purchase.


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Hot Beauty products at NACDS Total Store Expo 2014 – Part 2

BY Antoinette Alexander

Tattoo Goo Renew

Tattoo Goo Brands now offers Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF 50+. Infused with olive oil to help manage the skin healing process, the water-based formula absorbs quickly and will not clog pores. It also has vitamins A, D and E to help the body repair skin cells.

According to the company, the skin repair and moisturizing formula is great for older tattoos helping to bring back the color once thought lost.

In addition, Tattoo Goo Renew is packaged in a clog-free power pump application system to ensure that every ounce comes out evenly.



Vitaminpaste wants you to brush up on your vitamins with its multivitamin and mineral supplement toothpaste that promises to whiten teeth, fight tartar and freshen breath.

Ingredients found within Vitaminpaste include vitamins B3, B5, B6, D and E. It also has zinc, xylitol, manganese and selenium.

Vitaminpaste can be found at such retailers as Stop & Shop, Giant, ShopRite, Foodtown, Kings, King Kullen, Fairway, and BigY.


Bee Bald Man Care

Launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Dennis Fisher, Bee Bald Man Care has been helping folically challenged men embrace baldness with its product portfolio that includes a cleanser, healer, moisturizer and “anytime, anywhere” wipes.

In August 2013, the company announced the launch of its Bee Bald Shave, a combination shave cream/gel/lotion, and Bee Bald Scrub to help stop ingrown hairs by unclogging pores. Recently the brand unveiled its Smooth Plus moisturizer now with SPF 30; the Bee Bald Travel Kit; Bee Bald Heal, doubled in size to 2 oz.; and new packaging for all SKUs.


Eucerin Baby Cleansing Relief

Eucerin has expanded its Eucerin Baby line with the new Eucerin Baby Cleansing Relief Body Wash and Body Crème.

The body wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse baby’s sensitive skin without drying. The formula is infused with the natural ingredient panthenol and is free of dyes and fragrance.

Also launched this year is the new Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Crème, which is designed to protect and soothe minor skin irritations and itching due to eczema. It is made with a natural licorice root extract, oatmeal, ceramide 3 and a cooling agent. Both products have a suggested retail price of $7.99.

The line also includes Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Instant Therapy Crème.



The pharmacist-developed anti-aging line eb5 has introduced a new formula and new product packaging.

The new, reformulated blend maintains its anti-aging benefits and adds further refinements in an even healthier formulation that is paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free.

The reformulation coincides with updated packaging for all eb5 products. The new packaging boasts a cleaner, more contemporary design that reflects the modern formulation of the product inside.

Eb5 traces its roots back to 1904 when pharmacist Samuel Heldfond opened the Heldfond Drug Co. in Portland, Ore. Heldfond and his son, Robert, spent their careers creating remedies for customers of the apothecary. One such remedy combined a highly absorbent, non-greasy ointment base with essential vitamins and other natural ingredients. In 1980, pharmacist Heldfond leveraged that compound to formally launch the eb5 brand, the “five-creams-in-one” anti-wrinkle cream.


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The next level: Marketing targets consumers at work

BY Richard Monks

With a network of 844,000 businesses, representing 57 million employees across the country, WorkPlace Impact has taken marketing to a whole new level, reaching consumers in a place where they spend more than half their waking hours.

“We’ve been building this network, business by business, for [more than] 25 years,” president Shelly Sekki said. “It’s through this network that we’ve been able to drive successful results for our clients in the retail and consumer products goods segments.”

By distributing promotional materials, coupons and product samples to people at their jobs, WorkPlace Impact has been able to drive sales for the suppliers it works with and steer consumers into the growing number of retail outlets that have utilized the company’s services.

“Face-to-face interaction among co-workers results in unparalleled word-of-mouth,” Sekki said. “When our clients’ programs arrive in the workplace, their brands get talked about.”

Working women do a lot of planning around the workday, she said, citing data that shows a significant number of women shop on their way to or from work, or during a lunch break.

 “Therefore, reaching women at work is an effective way to get on the shopping list early,” Sekki said.
Marketing messages delivered in a work environment differ from other promotional efforts, she said, providing shoppers with a lasting impression.

“More than ever, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages at seemingly all moments of their personal life,” Sekki said. “Traditional advertising permeates our commutes, our television viewing experiences and the publications we read. WorkPlace Impact offers the unique proposition of marketing in a relatively uncluttered environment to working consumers — a population with disposable income to spend.”

Drug stores and pharmacies, she stressed, are well positioned to take advantage of workplace marketing initiatives. “It’s no secret that the new frontier for health-and-wellness growth is the workplace,” Sekki said. “More and more we find employees who want their employers to be interested in helping them achieve their health-and-wellness goals.”

So far, WorkPlace Impact has forged ties with such drug retailers as Rite Aid, CVS/pharmacy, Duane Reade, Walmart and Giant Eagle. A collaboration with Marc USA, for example, helped Rite Aid increase its flu shot sales.

“WorkPlace Impact’s capability to engage both the human resources managers and employees of businesses in the immediate trade areas of Rite Aid stores proved very effective,” Sekki said. “The program can be versatile, including B-to-B lead generation for on-site flu shot clinics, as well as elements designed to capture sales from individual consumers seeking flu shots.”


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