Drug Store News introduces new digital app

BY Drug Store News Report

Drug Store News has introduced a new app for print subscribers to DSN magazine: DSN+.

Available for free download at the Apple Store, DSN+ turns a page of Drug Store News into an interactive experience, linking readers seamlessly from print to digital, as quickly and easily as it is to take a picture with a smartphone.

How does it work?

First, go to the Apple Store and download our DSN+ app — it’s absolutely free.

Second, open the app, and as you’re reading an issue of DSN, look for the DSN+ logo (pictured here). Wherever you see this logo, that means the page you’re looking at is linked to premium, multimedia content online. It could be a video on DSN.TV; it could be an audio Q&A with one of our reporters on, or it could be photos from a hot new store opening or other event. DSN+ works on articles, photos and ads that appear in the magazine.

Just hold your mobile device a few inches from the page and scan the item like you would scan a QR code, and that’s it — within seconds you’ll be linked to special, bonus content online. No more retyping long URL addresses or having to remember to log on to the site later.

For instance, in the January 2013 issue of DSN — currently being mailed — readers can scan the item on page 10 and see DSN editor Rob Eder’s video interview with Rite Aid COO Ken Martindale from the company’s newest-look Wellness format store. Or check out Walgreens’ store No. 8,000 — its first West Coast-based flagship location — at Hollywood’s famed corner of Sunset & Vine, or watch consumers talk product innovation on DSN.TV.

That’s DSN+. It’s fun. It’s free. And it’s going to change the way you keep up with news in the retail pharmacy industry.

Download it now at the Apple Store and don’t miss out.


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J.Mia says:
Feb-08-2015 01:00 pm

Is there any way to download the app from google play store?

A.CHANCE says:
Aug-18-2013 05:06 pm

That's an amazing digital application - I tried scanning and it work beautifully!

K.COOPER says:
Aug-10-2013 02:34 am

This app should be accessible on symbian phones too. Because android or ios is not popular in third world countries like India yet. So symbian phone users should also be able to utilize this app.



Mintel: Men increasingly turn to Web to buy beauty products

BY Antoinette Alexander

CHICAGO — Men are an ideal target for online beauty and beauty retailers may want to consider expanding more marketing efforts to further leverage this growing opportunity, according to recent research from Mintel.

The ease and convenience features of online shopping appeal to some 60% of men ages 18 of 34 years who buy beauty products and agree that buying online is more convenient than shopping in store. This compares with 52% of women of the same age and 41% of their older male counterparts (ages 55 years and older), according to Mintel.

Moreover, 37% of younger men who buy beauty products also reported being more likely to make impulse purchases when shopping online compared with shopping in store, versus 26% of female consumers of the same age.

It seems young male consumers don’t want to miss the chance to get their hands on the latest beauty products, with the majority (73%) of beauty product shoppers agreeing that buying online gives them access to hard-to-find products compared with 69% of women of the same age. Moreover, 43% say that buying online allows them to be the first to try the latest products versus 30% of women. Saving time is another important feature when buying beauty products online, with 73% of young men thinking that shopping online saves them time.

"The time-saving factor is one of the key drivers for shopping online. The Internet allows consumers to shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own home or even when waiting in line at the grocery store. As men are particularly motivated by time-saving and convenience as reasons for shopping online, beauty retailers may want to consider expanding more marketing efforts to this often untapped consumer in the beauty category. Men are a prime target for online beauty retailing as they are less likely to want to spend a lot of time browsing stores and are looking for quick, simple and convenient ways to get the products they want. Additionally, the Internet allows for a level of anonymity when shopping for products that may be a bit embarrassing to shop for in person, like anti-aging or hair thinning products, particularly for men,” stated Shannon Romanowski, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel. 

The research also found that enhanced shopping features are of interest to both men and women in the 18-to-34 age range. Roughly half (52%) of men and around the same number (48%) of women (ages 18 to 34 years) who buy beauty products expressed interest in apps that could help them pick products based on their needs. Additionally, nearly half (45%) of men (ages 18 to 34 years) reported that they would be more willing to shop online if websites had interactive customer service features, such as live chat, versus 32% of women of the same age. Furthermore, nearly one-third of consumers (31% men and 30% women) in the 18-to -4 group like to use mobile devices to research products once they learn about them.

Today’s consumers are still making the majority of their beauty purchases in-store for everyday essentials, with 87% of U.S. consumers purchasing shampoo and conditioner, 70% of consumers purchasing body lotion and 69% purchasing body wash in-store over the past 12 months. However, when it comes to the most popular beauty products purchased online, it seems facial skin care tops the list, according to MIntel.

One-in-10 (10%) U.S. consumers who buys online says they have bought facial skin care products online in the last year, followed by women’s fragrances (8%), male fragrances (7%) and makeup (8%).

"Facial skin care, fragrance and makeup are the most purchased beauty products online, which is a departure from the most purchased beauty products in-store. These products tend to be higher-priced, making them more of an investment, and also have longer purchase cycles so consumers may not mind waiting a little longer for shipping. Online shopping also provides consumers with access to more premium and specialty items that were once only available to those who lived near urban areas or high-end shopping outlets," Romanowski stated.

Among consumers of all ages who buy cosmetics online, 58% agreed that if they find something they want in-store, they look on the Internet to try and find a better deal. Meanwhile, 38% liked the idea of receiving coupons immediately on their smartphone while shopping in a store.


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R.Chavis says:
Jan-07-2014 09:51 am

Hello! Mintel published the report on January 9th, 2013. It can be found on their website under Beauty and Personal Care. Ryan Chavis Online Editor Drug Store News

MasstigeBeauty says:
Jan-02-2014 01:05 pm

What is the title and date of the Mintel Report referenced in this article - thanks



Tru Fragrance, lifestyle expert Danny Seo to co-create beauty line

BY Antoinette Alexander

NEW YORK — Fragrance development company Tru Fragrance has inked a new partnership with author, TV host, designer and eco-friendly lifestyle expert Danny Seo to develop and bring to market a line of beauty products.

The line will include new concepts in fragrance and skincare, driven by partnerships with perfumers and global fragrance powerhouse, Firmenich.

 “At Tru Fragrance, we pride ourselves on providing industry innovation through new and unique products for our customers,” stated Monte Henige, CEO of Tru Fragrance. “Danny’s background in the beauty space combined with his passion for the world around us made this partnership a perfect fit as we look to consistently deliver something new to consumers and meet the growing demand for unique and efficacious beauty products.”

The line of beauty products will range from fragrances to skin care products and is expected to be on store shelves in fall of 2013.

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