CVS Caremark helps launch The Partnership at’s campaign to curb teen Rx abuse

BY Antoinette Alexander

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — As part of CVS Caremark’s sponsorship of The Partnership at’s The Medicine Abuse Project, which aims to prevent a half-million teens from abusing medicine over the next five years, the company now is asking its customers to take the project’s pledge to learn about teen medicine abuse, to safeguard medicines in the home and to talk to teens about this issue, the company announced on Monday.

CVS Caremark will use many of its communications channels to share with customers some key facts central to the awareness campaign, such as:

  • Every day, more than 2,000 kids abuse prescription drugs for the first time;

  • 1-in-6 teens has used a prescription drug to get high or change their mood and most got them from a family or a friend;

  • More kids abuse prescription drugs than Ecstasy, crack/cocaine, heroin or meth;

  • Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs among kids ages 12 to 13 years; amd

  • Kids who learn about the risks of drugs at home are up to 50% less likely to use them.

"Our company’s pharmacists are experts at advising people on the proper way to take their medications in order to get healthy and stay that way," stated Larry Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Caremark. "But our decision to get involved with The Medicine Abuse Project underscores an equally compelling need: to make sure children and teens don’t have access to prescription drugs prescribed for others and are made aware of the risks associated with medicine abuse."

"The majority of teens who abuse medicines get them from family and friends," added Steve Pasierb, president and CEO of The Partnership for "We need to change that. With the support of partners like CVS Caremark, physicians, parents and teens themselves will be more aware of the dangers of medicine abuse."

The Partnership at is encouraging people to take the pledge on its website. CVS Caremark also is encouraging customers to take the pledge through its Facebook and Twitter channels, its websites and, in direct communications to millions of CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare cardholders, and in radio ads playing in all CVS/pharmacy locations chain wide.

In addition to the pledge, the campaign is encouraging parents to: safeguard their medicine by keeping pill bottles in a secure, locked place and to count and monitor the number of pills they have at all times; educate themselves about the information resources available on the subject; share information and awareness with family, friends and neighbors; talk to their children about the risks of abusing prescription drugs and over-the-counter cough medicine; get help if they think their child has a problem with prescription drugs by either visiting or by calling’s Toll-Free Helpline: 1-855-DRUGFREE; and properly dispose of unused medicines.

In addition to supporting the Medicine Abuse Campaign, all CVS/pharmacy locations offer the Sharps Compliance’s TakeAway Environmental Return program, which provides customers with the ability to safely dispose of their unused, expired or unwanted drugs using medication disposal envelopes. The postage-paid envelopes allow customers to mail their unwanted prescription and OTC medications through the U.S. Postal Service to a licensed, secure facility for safe destruction.

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S.Dube says:
Sep-25-2012 09:18 am

I was very pleased to see CVS/Caremark taking a leadership position in helping secure Rx medicines with the goal of keeping them out of teens hands. We have a product called SafeToteRx that helps patients conveniently keep medicines safe in the home or during travel to help prevent medicine abuse. I would be happy to talk to anyone from CVS/Caremark and the many partners involved in this project about a special opportunity with SafeToteRx to help the cause. I can be reached at 352.406.7234 or [email protected] Cheers, Scot



FDA approves Regeneron drug for macular edema

BY Alaric DeArment

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. — The Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug for treating a complication of a disease that results from vein blockages in the eye.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals announced the approval of Eylea (aflibercept) for treating macular edema following central retinal vein occlusion, or CRVO. Eylea already was approved for treating neovascular age-related macular degeneration, another eye disease.

"This second U.S. approval for Eylea provides physicians and patients with a new treatment option for the treatment of macular edema following CRVO," Regeneron chief scientific officer and Regeneron Labs president George Yancopoulos said.

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Kellogg’s marks autumn with new product launches

BY Allison Cerra

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Kellogg’s is celebrating fall with a new lineup of products.

Kellogg’s said it is embracing the seasonal flavor of pumpkin with new Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts and Eggo Seasons Pumpkin Spice waffles. Additionally, a limited-edition pumpkin flavor for its Pringles chips will be rolled out exclusively at Walmart. In line with its pumpkin-flavored products, Kellogg’s also is celebrating Halloween with the launch of Krave cereal Halloween pouches, Pop-Tarts Spookylicious toaster pastries, Pop-Tarts Scary Berry mini crisps and Halloween-themed Rice Krispies Treats mini squares.

Other new products from Kellogg’s include:

  • Frosted Flakes Chocolate;

  • Frosted Mini-Wheats touch of raspberry;

  • Pop-Tarts mini crisp blueberry;

  • Pop-Tarts confetti cake;

  • Eggo granola chocolate chip;

  • Eggo granola mixed berry;

  • Eggo Thick and Fluffy mixed berry;

  • FiberPlus Nutty Delight bars (peanut and dark chocolate and honey roasted almond);

  • Keebler Sandies toffee cookies;

  • Mother’s Jungle animal cookies;

  • Town House flatbread crisps in roasted garlic; and

  • Cheez-It Big Monterey Jack.


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