Wellness to the MAX (Part 4)

Having opened its fourth location just outside of Cleveland in June, Max-Wellness could be described as a pumped-up GNC or Vitamin Shoppe on account of the cast of interactive employees milling about. Or, it may be better identified as a "drug store-light," given its whole focus on health and wellness -- a pharmacy sans pharmacist, so to speak. But it's neither of these exactly. The fact is, Max-Wellness CEO Michael Feuer's retail creation can't be pigeonholed into any one retail channel, though the stores likely will draw their customer base from any of a number of retailers positioned against health and wellness today. It's a store concept designed to appeal to today's health-information-hungry baby boomer consumer, or just about anyone else at all interested in improving their health. And that means it's a concept with growth potential -- appealing not only to today's baby boomer, but also tomorrow's sandwich generation caregiver.