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DSN/CCA webinar: New Payment Models in Retail Healthcare

Payers continue to move away from the fee-for-service reimbursement model, towards a new paradigm that rewards value over volume. Health system mergers and consolidations are on the rise and megasystems are forming.

These megasystems — many of which operate accountable care organizations (ACOs) — will be looking for partners who can scale, which presents an opportunity for the retail industry.

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Webinar: Driving Sales in the Therapeutic Skin Care Category

Consumers have never had more choices when it comes to therapeutic skin care, and they have never been faced with more messages that impact their decision on what to buy. With so much competition for the shopper’s attention, how are retailers advertising and promoting this category to drive traffic, and how are brands differentiating themselves from the competition?

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DSN/CCA webinar: Partnerships in Population Health

During this webinar, Dr. Patrick Carroll, Medical Director for Walgreens Health Care Clinic explores unique risk assessment programs performed at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics and discusses the challenges in the traditional retail health. Additionally, he touches on how Walgreens is offering health systems the option of a collaborative care model to overcome these challenges.

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Maximizing New Product Launches: Best Practices

Market Performance Group’s EVP, Dave Van Howe, former Corporate VP Purchasing, Walgreens, and Jim Mackey, MPG Advisory Board Member and former SVP/GM Merck Consumer Care, will discuss best practices as it relates to launching new product innovations, providing a comprehensive perspective through the lens of both the retailer and manufacturer. 

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Webinar: Sun Care Promotional Practices

ECRM discusses findings from its Data’s Ad Comparisons research covering the Sun Care category, highlighting trends in retailer and brand circular strategies and tactics.

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Surviving the Cough-Cold Season: A Category Promotion Review

During this webcast, ECRM lead business intelligence analyst Tanie Andraos discusses findings from ECRM Data's Ad Comparisons research covering the cough-cold category, highlighting trends in retailer and brand circular strategies and tactics.