NACDS chairman Bob Narveson: Pharmacist counseling best at improving adherence

FARGO, N.D. — There is no substitute for the face-to-face counsel of the pharmacist in improving patient adherence — and he’s got the data to prove it. That’s the message Thrifty White president and CEO Bob Narveson had for DSNTV in part two of a frank and broad-ranging interview about the state of the industry, the role community pharmacy can play in healthcare reform and the results of an exciting new study that validates the role companies like his can play to innovate patient care, improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

“There’s more to compliance than just mailing something out to the patient — you can’t count that as compliance in my opinion,” Narveson, who officially became NACDS chairman at Annual Meeting last month, told DSN in part two of an exclusive Executive Viewpoint video sponsored by Upsher-Smith. “Compliance is, ‘did you take the medication?’ And, ‘Can I prove that you took the medication?’”

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