DSNTV: Let’s get personal — breaking through in 140 characters

Consumers have access to more information than ever before, and that creates a new challenge for brands today, Thomas “TJ” Higgins, president, U.S. of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare told DSNTV in a special edition of DSN Executive Viewpoints. “The pressure is on our brand teams today to get more information [to the consumer]. We have to get more specific, more personalized,” Higgins said. “As the consumer has access to more information, they want to know not what’s good for the general population, but what’s good for me? [We] need to be much more specific to the consumer — to the user, to the experiences they’re having everyday and how our product fits very specifically into that need state.”

And in the age of social media, where consumers communicate in tweets and pins, brands better be able to make the pitch short and sweet. “We have to be much more efficient; we have to be much more clear,” he added. “We live in a 140-character kind of environment today, so we have to be tight [with our message]. We’re used to telling stories in 30 seconds or on pages in a magazine; now we have 140 characters.”

For more, including how Pfizer is bringing innovation to its existing brands to deliver greater value in a tight economy, best practices for growing the business and how the company is helping its retailer partners evolve the customer relationship beyond the old transaction-based model, click below to see the complete video.