DSNTV: Being everywhere the shopper wants to engage with you

If retailers and brand manufacturers want to unravel the mystery and unlock the opportunity of the omnichannel consumer, they need to “take a step back and think like the consumer,” Rhonda Johnson, chief customer officer at Merck Consumer Care, told DSNTV in a special edition of DSN Executive Viewpoints.

“The reality is the consumer gets it — they’re shopping on their iphones; they’re shopping on their ipads; they’re scanning barcodes while they’re in the store, they know what they’re doing,” she explained. “Think about the consumer and how they access information. It doesn’t have to be best price — I think a lot of people are focusing on pricing implications of consumers having access to everything. But often, it’s bout increasing their knowledge, allowing them access to information as they’re trying to figure out and [navigate] the shopping experience.”

Retailers and suppliers need “to be more inclusive of online, mobile and in-store" to capture the omnichannel customer, Johnson noted. “Ten years ago, the big buzz word was ‘surround sound.’ Well, surround sound today is being everywhere the shopper wants to engage with us."

For more, including how Merck Consumer Care is working to create more relevance with the consumer in a tough economy, and working with retailers to move the customer relationship from a transaction-based to an engagement-based model, click below to see the complete video.