And the winner is… Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy named 2013 Pharmacy of the Year

LAS VEGAS — Desloge, Mo.-based Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy was honored with the 2013 Pharmacy of the Year Award by McKesson Corporation here, Thursday, at the Venetian Casino and Resort, as part of the wholesaler’s annual McKesson ideaShare conference.

McKesson’s Pharmacy of the Year Award recognizes independent pharmacies for the exceptional contributions they make to their communities and the leadership they demonstrate in the areas of quality patient care, innovative marketing and technology adoption.

Parkland Health Mart, which serves a community of 5,000-plus residents, was recognized for excelling across a broad range of best-in-class pharmacy services, including comprehensive medication therapy management, medication synchronization, 340B support, Medicare Part D counseling, diabetes counseling, immunizations, long-term care service and delivery service.

“It is because of pharmacies like Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy and leaders like [owner] Lisa Umfleet that community pharmacy continues to succeed and grow,” said Mark Walchirk, president, McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical. “McKesson takes pride in not only providing pharmacies with the best-in-class tools needed to succeed in today’s market, but also to position their businesses for success in a dynamic healthcare landscape.”

Umfleet recently remodeled and expanded Parkland Health Mart to include an area for private consultation and immunizations. Additionally, the pharmacy has embraced McKesson technology and automation solutions to help build and diversify its patient base, as well as improve accuracy and speed of service metrics.

“By utilizing McKesson’s services and products, our pharmacy staff is able to devote more time to providing excellent patient care,” Umfleet noted. “McKesson listens to its customers, understands our goals and needs, and responds by providing new tools and programs that help pharmacies like Parkland grow and thrive.”

Umfleet, who has been a McKesson customer since 2009, recently partnered with local pharmacist Jeremy Leach to open a second Health Mart store in Fredericktown last winter. A third location is planned for nearby Ironton, Mo., this fall.

Frank Starn, SVP and COO, McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical, said, "Each year we ask our field sales team to nominate the most innovative customers who are firing on all cylinders to make a positive impact on their patients, on their communities, on their profession. The work you do inspires all of us at McKesson."

"[The Pharmacy of the Year honor] is about maximizing local relationships, to position [the] store as a true healthcare destination. But most importantly it's about not being afraid to do things like medication therapy management, long-term care, synchronized refills to ensure the better health of patients. It's all about the patient."