U.K.'s M Local convenience food format gets closer to customers

Morrisons, the large U.K.-based supermarket chain, wanted to get closer to its customers. The result was M Local, its new 3,000-sq.-ft., freestanding, convenience food format.

In developing the new store, Morrisons identified four key issues that U.K. customers have with convenience stores: lack of fresh food options, poor overall quality and value, difficult to shop and poorly stocked. To address these areas, the store is positioned as “Daily Market Fresh,” with up to 75% of the items in the store priced comparably to a larger grocery store, low fixturing and a clutter-free, open environment with clean sight lines.

The store features five key areas: Dine-in Tonight, Scratch Cooking, Entertaining, Fill-in Shopping and Good Food To Go. Fresh food is delivered to the store up to five times a day from a nearby Morrisons store. Unique to the store: a wine selector kiosk, an “order now/pick up later” service, and a selection of local products sourced from within a 30-mile radius of the store.