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February 1, 2011

A federal court has lifted an injunction that had prevented drug maker Dr. Reddy’s Labs from marketing a generic version of an allergy drug.

January 21, 2011

Indian drug maker Dr. Reddy’s Labs has launched a generic treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

November 21, 2010

Indian generic drug maker Dr. Reddy’s Labs has launched a version of an asthma drug...

October 18, 2010

Dr. Reddy's disclosed on Tuesday it will market a generic peptic ulcer treatment....

August 8, 2010

Generic drug maker Dr. Reddy’s has launched in India the world’s first follow-on version of...

June 14, 2010

A U.S. District Court has granted French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis and Albany Molecular Research an...

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