DSN FIRST LOOK: DSN celebrates Rite Aid issue with exclusive Harrisburg reception


 The Rite Aid team poses for a "family portrait."

 DSN presented a special commemorative "Rite Aid Gets Well" T-shirt for Rite Aid associates.

Bill Bergin of Rite Aid, Bob Black and Fred Rosen of Acosta

Rob Eder of Drug Store News and Mike Cirilli of Rite Aid

Linda Albanese of Reckett Benckiser, Tony Montini of Rite Aid and Danya Kennedy of Reckett Benckiser

 John Learish of Rite Aid with Joe Ryser and Mike Ebert of Catalina Marketing

 Marc Strassler and Bryan Shirtliff of Rite Aid

 Wayne Bennett of Drug Store News, Ken Martindale of Rite Aid, and Rob Eder of Drug Store News

 Scott Emerson of The Emerson Group, Ken Martindale of Rite Aid, Wayne Bennett of Drug Store News, and John Standley of Rite Aid

 Jerry Dowell of DowellGroup, with Ted Williams and Craig Ritner of Rite Aid

 Tony Montini, Nate Newcomer and Frank Vitrano of Rite Aid

Robert Serafin of Rite Aid, with Lisa Brown and Mark Morrison of Post Foods

 Tony Verdini of Verdini Associates and John Learish of Rite Aid

Esther LeBlanc and Eugenia Carmichael of Rite Aid

Bill Gilligan and Emily Rollins of Bayer, and Gary Mullin of Pharmavite

 Frank Vitrano, Marc Stressler, Robert Thompson and Susan Henderson, all of Rite Aid

 Ken Martindale of Rite Aid, with Ron Boger and Tim Lasecia of Idea Village

Michelle Rebello, Colleen Smith and Troy Bueher, all of Rite Aid

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Nearly 100 suppliers and Rite Aid executives gathered here last week, at the Harrisburg Hilton, for an exclusive reception to celebrate the Dec. 10 issue of DSN, which featured a special 40-page report on Rite Aid. In addition to a special donation on behalf of DSN in support of the Rite Aid Foundation, DSN publisher Wayne Bennett also unveiled a special commemorative T-shirt for Rite Aid associates bearing the signature "Rite Aid Gets Well" art from the cover of the Dec. 10 issue.

"I want to thank our guests of honor, and say that it was an honor to have the kind of exclusive access to the executives who appear in our Dec. 10 issue," DSN editor Rob Eder noted to the crowd gathered at the Dec. 12 event. "It was a learning experience for our team, and we hope our experience can help educate and enlighten the industry and thousands of important influencers beyond our industry about the important work Rite Aid is doing to turn its business around.”