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FDA approves first Crestor generic

The drug is indicated to treat high triglycerides, dysbetalipoproteinemia and high LDL cholesterol. It was approved in 5-, 10, 20-, and 40-mg dosage strengths, according to the FDA. 

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Report: Express Scripts seeks retail partners to help lower diabetes costs

CNBC is reporting that at Express Scripts’ annual client conference, the company announced that it would be looking to partner with retail pharmacies that best maintain patient health in an effort to reduce costs associated with diabetes. 

"Right now, people don't differentiate and don't prefer retailers based on their quality, it's usually just a cost equation," Express Scripts chief medical officer Dr. Steve Miller told CNBC. "We think this is going to be huge in the marketplace, because you're going to be able to get millions of patients higher quality care and lower cost on diabetes." (CNBC)

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Report: CVS Health subsidiary RxCrossroads expanding specialty services reach

RxCrossroads, a subsidiary of CVS Health, unveiled plans for significant expansion of its distribution center in Louisville, Ky., the Courier-Journal, a USA Today publication, reported Thursday. Acquired in 2005 by Omnicare and later in 2015 by CVS Health, RxCrossroads offers a portfolio of specialty distribution, pharmacy and patient support services. Anticipating a surge in customer demand, the company has laid out plans for an $11 million building, with $8.7 million in equipment and $600,000 in additional startup costs, the Courier-Journal reported. (Courier-Journal

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FDA approves 3 Aurobindo generics

 On Tuesday, the FDA approved Aurobindo’s generic Exforge (amlodipine and valsartan) tablets, and on Wednesday gave its OK to the company’s generic Opana (oxymorphone HCl) and Pepcid AC (famotidine).