Over-the-Counter Product Market

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GMDC HBW: Top 10 items trending in product showcase

One of the centerpieces of GMDC’s Health Beauty Wellness 2015 conference is its product showcase. The top showcase products are chosen by buyers who, when visiting the showcase, are given Android-based scanners that are used to scan the QR code on a brand’s display. Drug Store News looks at the 10 brands with the most scans as of 2 p.m. on Sunday.

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Wakefern, J&J share partnership insights during GMDC HBW Business Session

Johnson & Johnson and Wakefern Food on Saturday afternoon during the Business Session at GMDC Health Beauty Wellness showcased just how powerful the kind of partnerships generated out of GMDC HBW 2015 can be — a new, dynamic diabetes-centric set co-created by J&J and Wakefern could generate incremental dollars for every new diabetes customer.

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GMDC HBW Showcase: Hot OTC Products

Suppliers are given the opportunity to showcase their products for retail buyers at the GMDC Health Beauty Wellness 2015 event. Drug Store News highlights some of the hot OTC products in the showcase this year.