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Despite merger, focus stays at home

Walgreens forever changed its corporate trajectory with the execution of its “step 2” merger and acquisition of Boots Alliance, creating a truly international retail pharmacy operator with the restructured and rebranded Walgreens Boots Alliance.

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Hot Concepts: Whole Foods' 'Beauty Week'

Competition within the retail beauty space continues to heat up as Whole Foods Market, which has long been lauded for its beauty standards, made an even bigger splash with its inaugural “Beauty Week” that took place in late March.

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Hot Concepts: The Dove Intelligent Shelf

Smartphones and digital technology are no doubt revolutionizing how shoppers experience and purchase products. To stay ahead of the trend, Unilever’s Dove and Intel have teamed up to develop the Dove intelligent shelf, using Intel RealSense technology, to showcase multiple ways to use technology to sell product.