Special Reports

It's as if they have some special vision — some special lens that reveals secrets about the customer and how she shops. Some retailers see things that the rest of us don't. Or, as one supplier told Drug Store News, "It's like they think in 3D." DSN profiles 10 visionary retailers and how their vision has fed new merchandising and marketing concepts that represent the best thinking in drug store retailing today.

Even as the big get bigger, it appears that the industry’s top regional chains continue to grow in relevance and importance in the markets they dominate. Drug Store News profiles 10 of the industry’s top regional pharmacy chains, with a special focus on what these companies are doing to create a unique definition of health and wellness that resonates with local shoppers.

Rather than take off Christmas, the editors of Drug Store News took a look ahead at the 10 big stories that will make the news in retail pharmacy this year.

Walmart stores have regained a familiar feeling this holiday season, and if senior executives are right, the increased promotional intensity will halt six consecutive quarters of declining same-store sales and put the company on the right track for 2011. The most obvious change is the return of branded feature displays and four-sided fixtures to the main aisles of Walmart’s 3,600 U.S. supercenters and discount stores. As Walmart has moved in a new and familiar direction under a different...

With rising healthcare costs, fewer patients visiting physicians and some 30 million people standing to gain insurance under healthcare reform and entering an already bottlenecked system, CVS Caremark has been working to position itself along the front lines and leverage its broad-reaching points of care to lower overall healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Behind every prescription that lands at the pharmacy counter is a series of
events that influence the prescriber’s decision. Powered by data from SDI
Health, Drug Store News goes inside the examination room in this exclusive
report, providing an in-depth look at the critical factors that shape
pharmaceutical sales trends and shift market share from one drug to another
in 10 key market segments.

Drug Store News' 2010 edition of ECRM Health Care details the successes and challenges of eight healthcare product categories that influence the retail drug store and supermarket industries: digestives, allergy/cough-cold, internal analgesics, external analgesics, eye care, ear care, first aid and foot care. Also included is a bonus peek into the most recent edition of The Mack Elevation Forum and its discussion of SKU rationalization. Click below to download the free PDF of ECRM Health Care...

It wasn’t too long ago that SKU rationalization became commonplace, as many retailers attempted a course correction toward more profitable sets — establishing performance metrics that possibly favored bigger brands and their store-brand equivalents over slower-moving and slower-building brands. In other words, niche products. But now retailers are acknowledging they may have cut too much, opening a pathway of opportunity for many suppliers, especially those of promising niche brands. And, as...

Executives from Boiron, Quigley and Hyland's discussed the success of homeopathic remedies at mass retail, consumer and practitioner education around homeopathy, and how the safety and efficacy concerns surrounding allopathic cough-cold medicines have impacted the homeopathic sector.

Drug Store News realized a long time ago that the retail pharmacy business is a whole lot bigger than just the pure-play drug channel. It’s food, drug, mass and independents, public companies and private companies alike. It’s anywhere in America there is a pharmacy counter operating in a retail environment. That is the way that DSN defines retail pharmacy in 2010. In the pages that follow, DSN’s editors profile the Top 50 pharmacy retailers in America, measuring all of these very different...