Pain Management

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NYT: States moving to control prescription painkiller abuse

Increasingly, states are looking to address the prescription painkiller problem with as many as 375 proposals coursing through state legislatures that would regulated pain clinics and prescribing painkillers, The New York Times reported Friday. "The states are going to lead on this one because Big Pharma has too much power," Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, Democrat, told The New York Times. The New York Times added: "The pace of [legislative] activity in states has grown so intense that experts are having difficulty keeping track." (The New York Times)

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DSN Industry Issues Summit RECAP: Special Executive Transcript

In December, DSN hosted its 17th annual Industry Issues Summit. A record crowd of some 300 supplier and retailer executives were on hand to see seven top merchants from leading chains and special guest moderator Dan Mack, managing director, Elevation Forum, discuss how retailers and suppliers could build better, higher-trusting partnerships, based on authenticity and creating deeper value. What follows is the complete transcript from the December 3rd event.

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Report: Teen narcotic painkiller use can raise adult addiction risk

HealthDay is reporting that researchers fromt the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center have found that a person’s use of narcotic painkillers as a teen raises their risk of abuse as an adult by 33%. “Most likely, the initial experience of pain relief is pleasurable and a safe initial experience may reduce perceived danger,” the study’s author Richard Miech said. “A pleasurable and safe initial experience with a drug is a central factor in theories of who goes on to misuse drugs.” (HealthDay)