One-stop shop for all your essentials

What do you get when you cross-pollinate a grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond and a pharmacy retailer? Prime Essentials Rx. Residents of New York’s Tribeca neighborhood now can check out the new one-stop shop located on Leonard Street and Broadway.

Prime Essentials Rx aims to cater to the urban customer experience by combining the personal customer connection of a neighborhood specialty store with the product selection and delivery of a large “super” store, offering more than 3,000 products on its shelves.

As of press time, the pharmacy department still was under construction, with an opening slated in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, customers browsing the aisles of the flagship location will find everything from household goods — like pots, pans and bedding — to grocery items to beauty and personal care products. A second location is expected to open in New York by the end of the year.