Old World, New World meet at NYC indy

With its famously competitive pharmacy market and diverse population, New York City has long been a hotspot for new store formats. One of the products of this dynamic environment is Tisane Pharmacy in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a store that seeks to blend Old World and New World. Pharmacy school classmates Inna Shafir and Yelena Yoffe opened the store last Labor Day with the idea of creating a pharmacy that emphasized natural care and comfort. Both also own pharmacies elsewhere in the city. The store’s most visible feature is the cafe counter — once a common feature in American neighborhood drug stores. Located near the entrance, the cafe serves coffee, tea, pastries and sodas made with syrups from glass dispensers imported from Russia. Another of the store’s biggest features is its focus on natural, organic and homeopathic products, including hard-to-find brands from other countries, as well as a large selection of herbal teas — which is what the name “tisane” means.