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8 rules of the road for expanding into Canada

Ed Rowland, founder/owner of Rowland Global LLC — which assists companies in their global growth strategies, tactics and execution — offers his first in a series of blog posts focusing on non-US markets.

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Brick-and-mortar irrelevance?

HRG’s Dave Wendland addresses the question of whether brick-and-mortar stores are losing their relevance following the insights shared at DSN’s annual Industry Issues Summit. 


Change Healthcare experts weigh in on some of the latest innovations in healthcare IT — from patient engagement to e-prescribing to the latest pharmacy trends — in this exclusive blog series. Click here to read the latest.

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20/20 Vision

HRG’s Dave Wendland looks forward at what might be around the corner for retailers. 

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Why the New General Market matters

The New General Market consumer, influenced by the millennial mindset, is not just a new consumer that must be understood, but also the core influencer of tomorrow’s shopping experience.

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Retail can be very puzzling

"I often use the analogy of puzzle-making when I moderate strategy sessions with clients. Why? Because it provides a framework from which to fuel the conversation and the ideation that moves an organization or a brand forward," writes Hamacher Resource Group VP Dave Wendland in his latest blog entry.