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Do something noteworthy

Dave Wendland discusses the collective impact that sharing positive, encouraging thoughts with coworkers or teammates can have in his latest blog post. 


Change Healthcare experts weigh in on some of the latest innovations in healthcare IT — from patient engagement to e-prescribing to the latest pharmacy trends — in this exclusive blog series. Click here to read the latest.

eRx Network solution experts provide insight on the latest innovations in the pharmacy industry — from targeted messaging and electronic co-pay programs to other intelligent web-based tools that provide transparency into claim information for analysis and reporting — in this exclusive blog series. Click here to read the latest.

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Newfangled Collaboration

In his latest blog post, HRG's Dave Wendland discusses ways that businesses can turn health and wellness into a community effort. 

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Be prepared for a tough OTC world in Germany

Germany is the largest and one of the most challenging OTC markets in Europe, writes Ed Rowland. Any market where one of the leading chains, dm, actually marks on shelf, “price not changed since (year)” is seriously tough. The German trade can be tougher than the German National Soccer team. You can score an OTC goal but it’s not easy.