Shopping health and beauty online

In the first DSN/C2B Mobile Insights report, we examine what consumers think about shopping for health and beauty online vs. brick-and-mortar retailers. Overall, nearly 8-of-10 consumers bought health-and-beauty-aid items online in the past year. Did they leave your store to buy? Did they use their smartphones to make a purchase and use YOUR STORE as a “showroom” for ANOTHER RETAILER’S website?

1) Have you purchased a health or beauty product online in the past year?

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- 11:32 AM
Hugh says

I also make most of my beauty products purchases online these days, it's a lot more comfortable and it saves me time and money. Still, I think maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must if you really want to keep your beauty intact, just make sure to get enough sleep and eat healthy. Combine this with the best beauty products and you'll be more than fine for many years!

- 2:58 AM
Alex Hudson says

More and more online stores are opening up around the world to grab the share from customers’ wallet. One thing that has been overlooked by many online stores is the look and feel of their website. Having a right product or service to offer is not enough, the user interface, functionality and design of an ecommerce website also plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining a customer.

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