NACDS Marketplace 2010 - Drug Store News Party (Part 1)


Douglas Mott, Mary Leigh and Jim Morrison of

Chris Parks of Heat Factory and John Linton of DRPG

Shannon Petree, Barb Larson, Jenny Bergfeld and Mariana Adame of Walgreens

Steve Guyatt and Greg McCaughey of McCaughey Consumer Products

Dustin Sullivan of Walgreens, Jim Bayer of Energizer, Anthony Santelli of Walgreens, Lou Martire of Energizer and John Faerber of Advanced Marketing and Sales

Andy Khubani of Ideavillage Products (center) with Dustin Sullivan and Anthony Santelli of Walgreens

Shannon Petree of Walgreens assists Criss Angel as he transforms a $1 bill into a $100 bill.

Kelli King of Kerr Drug with Criss Angel

Criss Angel with Scott Porter of Kerr Drug

Criss Angel with Wayne Bennet of The Drug Store News Group (left) and Dan Mack of The Swanson Group and Mack Elevation Forum

Michael Schweizer of Safeway and Cathy Walker of Advantage Sales and Marketing

Criss Angel with Alex Yakulis of Crossmark

Criss Angel with the Walgreens group

Criss Angel with the Walmart/Sam's Club group

Brett Saevitzon with Ron Boger of Ideavillage

Brett Saevitzon and Criss Angel with Ron Boger and Andy Khubani of Ideavillage

PJ Brice, Dallas Miller and Jason Smith of Allegro Manufacturing

Steve Anderson of NACDS, Dan Murphy of First Quality, Dennis Jesse of OraLabs and Phil Burke of Bartell Drug Co.

Bill Graham of Beiersdorf with Lee Sember and John Regan of Unilever

Tim Cleary of Durex Consumer Products with Nick Rini and Bill Graham of Beiersdorf

Mike Berg of Irwin Naturals with David McDermott Jr. and Dave McDermott of Retail Business Solutions

Lisa Torcasio of Torcasio Sales and Marketing and Mark Silverman of Solis Brands

Mike Pietsch of The Emerson Group, Kirk Hodgdon of Bolin Marketing, Michael Pietsch of Carma Labs and Ida Peterson of The Emerson Group

Chris Bender of American Safety Razor Co. with Brian Gehrisch of All-Pro Sales and Marketing and Scott Gehrisch of Pankow Associates

Drug Store News party at NACDS Marketplace 2010 in San Deigo.