NACDS Marketplace 2010 - On the Show Floor


Hirofumi Chiba, Hisayuki Naito and Barb Myers of Okamoto U.S.A.

Elizabeth Sommet and Katie Gangell of Alaven Consumer Healthcare

Gary Sanguinetti, Bradley Meeks, Barbara McNamara, Amanda Jorgensen, Gulam Khan, Rick Oprzadek and Janice Blatt of Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care

Jordan Stone of Homeolab USA, Mitch Kucia of Reese Pharmaceutical, Michele Boisvert of Homeolab USA and Dave Radka of Reese Pharmaceutical

George Pintea, Kristine Urea, Rich Scoza, Whitney Messens, Kimberly O'Connell, Jim Szczesny and Bob Trukenbrod of U.S. Nutrition

John Hayes, Glenn Ross and Bob Monro of Kaz

Ed Morgan of The Emerson Group and Kyle Blanchard of Lornamead

Todd Vore, Alex Lynch and Steve Head of Implus Footcare with Rick Wood of Little Hotties Warmers

Jim Barry and Dean Christopherson of Procter & Gamble

Jim Marini and Bill Hemelt of Zicam

Paul Nunnari, Ellen Hillenmeyer, Lacey Rogers, Jackie Bishop and John Sullivan of Kao Brands

Brian Spangler, Jamie Mandor and Dan Kuzdro of Maybelline New York-Garnier

Tom Nestor, Jim Rotan, Tom Prestridge and Greg Price of Alberto-Culver

Larry Lamarre and Chuck Ballard of Jel Sert

LeAnne Rogers and Keith Isaac of Wahl Clipper

James Murphy of Lifes2good, Bob Tucker of The Emerson Group and Mark Holland of Lifes2good

Makeup artist Rebecca Rachael demonstrated the use of Jesse's Girl Cosmetics on the show floor.

Brittany Campbell and Trey Schutz of Coria Labs

Marwan Zreik of Pacific World, Alfonso Cafolla of Pharma Partner and Joel Carden of Pacific World

Kathy Baird and John Perrone of Schwarzkopf & Henkel

Lauri Bookholdt and Monica Suliman of Tom's of Maine

Ben Crabtree of Variety Wholesalers with L.J. deWolff and Jeff Council of Combe Inc.

Bob Farrell, David Farrell and Gil Rodriguez of E.T. Brown Drug Co.

Joni Odum, Lucia Medrano, Landria Roberts and Robert Bowser of Firstline Mfg. Corp.

Dori Squires, Jylliane Czanstkowski, Meryl Squires and Bryan Muche of Merix Pharmaceutical Corp.

On the show floor at NACDS Marketplace 2010 in San Diego.