NACDS Marketplace 2010 - Meet the Market (Part 2)


John Gans of Discount Drug Mart with Tom Merlo and Phil Davis of Thoughtful Little Angels

Jim Newhouse of Shopko with Ed Ellis of Xenacare Holdings

Karen LaGarde of Winn-Dixie with Chuck Robinson of National Sales Solutions and Alex Fazeli of Sebamed

David Horwitz of Spongeables with Harry Conway of Performance Sales and Marketing and Alex Cohen of Wakefern Food Corp./ShopRite

Zuriel Fleschauer of Bi-Mart Membership Discount Stores with Iona Monk of AB Diversified

Jeff and Veronica Konecke of Bionime with James Weil of Navarro Discount Pharmacies

Rick Collies and Shell Plutsky of Pioneer Photo Albums with Dee Dee Haberman of Marc Glassman

Roger Nyman and Zac Bensinger of Meijer with Sean Griffin of WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp.

Courtney Olson of P2B and Mark Claude of Stiefel with Stephen Spellicy of Grocers Supply Co.

Wendy Gonzales of Bartell Drug Co. with Tom Gotthelf of Dome Industries

Polly Grinnell and Hanna Vanttinen-Newton of Somerset Toiletry Co. with Trung Vuong of Safeway

Michele Sherbet and Jason Loyd of Professional/Natures Therapy with Jennifer Moran and Jennifer Oryszczak of Ulta Beauty

Ann Iosca of with Landria Roberts and Joni Odum of Firstline Mfg. Corp.

Alina and Sean Miles of Vered Cometique with Cheri Taylor of Kinney Drugs

Vanessa Pabon-Cortes of AAFES with Lynn Everette of Nice-Pak Products

Peter Romaniuk and Rich Lowenstein of Neatbaby with Jacob Trombino of CVS Caremark

Meet the Market this year represented more than 8,000 face-to-face prearranged appointments.