NACDS Marketplace 2010 - Mack Elevation Forum


Special retailer guest Bill Bergin talked about how to engage Rite Aid.

Bill Bergin of Rite Aid

Dan Mack

Darrick Blinoff of Traditional Medicinals, Vic Mazzacone of Drive Medical and Dan Quail of Similasan

Ward Lennon of Abbot Medical Optics and Calvin East of Airborne

John Rizzo of Weider

Nilda Oyola of Majestic Drug, Mike Barna of First Boston Pharma and Sandy Katz of Hygenic Corp.

Sandy Katz of Hygenic Corp.

Nilda Oyola of Majestic Drug

Dion Hild of Salutron

Vic Mazzacone of Drive Medical, Dan Quail of Similasan and Dion Hild of Salutron

Dan Quail of Similasan

Andie Rudiger of Wahl Products

Darrick Blinoff of Traditional Medicinals

Jim Doyle of Sunstar Americas

Ric Durr of The Swanson Group and Jim Doyle of Sunstar Americas

Calvin East of Airborne

Bruce Montgomery of Fleet Labs

Tina Jackse of Beiersdorf

Pam Lanlois of Irwin Natural

Executives from more than 20 different supplier companies were in attendance at the latest edition of the Mack Elevation Forum, held Friday, June 4, at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel in San Diego.