Walgreens Reception


Rob Eder of Drug Store News with Curt Behrens of P2B

John Kenlon of Drug Store News with Randy Lewis of Walgreens

Tom Kitzinger and David Howenstine of Wyeth Consumer Healthcare with Eric Savitch of Drug Store News

Vic Mazzacone of Drive Medical with Rich Swanson of The Swanson Group and David Van Howe of Walgreens

Bob Cinq-Mars of Walgreens (center) with Steve Anderson and Dave Murawski of Hockfield & Associates

Robert Bobber of Walgreens with John Faerber of Advanced Marketing & Sales

Chong Bang of Walgreens with Jay Ard of Coca-Cola USA

Kim Feil of Walgreens with Ed Kuehnle of Catalina Marketing

John Kenlon of Drug Store News with Brian Haavig of Kao Brands, Greg Wasson of Walgreens and Paul Nunnari of Kao Brands

Bryan Pugh and Kermit Crawford of Walgreens

Catherine Stephany of Drug Store News with Mike Brennan and Caryn Olson of Nestle

Jim DeMunno of Pacific World with Dan Mack of Mack Elevation Forum

Rick Wellinger of Emerson Group with Mike Allen, Frank DeStefano and Kermit Crawford of Walgreens

Julie Companey of Catalina Marketing and Chuck Averkamp of Premium Retail Services

Frank Gibson of Novartis with Don Huonker of Walgreens

Greg Wasson addresses attendees of the Walgreens reception

Rick Wellinger of Emerson Group with Jodi Modreske and Ric Kern of Goody Products and Fitz Elder of GTM Consulting

Sheila Filipponi of MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals with Jeffery Joyner of TABS Group, Chong Bang of Walgreens and Larry Lamarre of Jel Sert Co.

Jayne Reiss of Matrixx Initiatives with Steve Lubin of Walgreens and Nick Christenson of Christenson & Niwinski

Mark Perry of Energizer with Bryan Pugh of Walgreens and John Faerber of Advanced Marketing & Sales

Mike Ebert and Jen Conway of Catalina Marketing with Bob Cinq-Mars of Walgreens

Terry Berg and Jason Carik of Berg Marketing Group with Mike McWeeney, Ryan Nelson and Doug Nelson of JD Nelson & Associates/Safe 4 Hours

More than 200 industry executives gathered at the Hyatt Deerfield on Sept. 14 to celebrate the release of Drug Store News' recent report on the conceptual overhaul taking place at Walgreens. The report, titled "Rewriting the rule of pharmacy," looked at the new model of pharmacy and healthcare retailing that Walgreens is creating through 8,000 points of care. The reception included remarks from Walgreens president and CEO Greg Wasson and Drug Store News VP/group publisher John Kenlon. In addition, Walgreens VP merchandising Bryan Pugh used the event as an opportunity to introduce attendees to the newest members of the chain's merchandising team.