NACDS Marketplace 2009 - Social Scene


Dave Swenson and Angie Ulm of Alaven Consumer Healthcare with Mary Behrens of P2B (center)

Bill and Courtney Olson of P2B, Ryan Bussel of Etac, Curt Behrens of P2B and Marco Bianco of Equilibra

Mike Young and Melinda Hall of ECRM with Curt Behrens of P2B, Stephanie Nicklos of ECRM and John Bennett of Pacific World

Bill Feaster of Sellion with Jackie Green, Ron Otto, Bev Rischall, Chuck Robinson, Tom Fraley, Jim Lewis and Ron Benincasa of National Sales Solutions

Arthur and Bobbie Gordon, Joe Poletsky, Harry Conway and Frank Parise of Performance Sales and Marketing

Allen Hirschfield of Pankow Associates and Ingrid Ryan of Ryan Sales Management with Mike Wasp of BBI

Jonathan Fisher and Leanne Preston of Wild Child with Peter O'Connell of Greenwood Group and John Found of Wild Child

Andy Rhykerd, Andi Rhykerd, Brad Shaw and Sonia Shaw of Harris Teeter

Neil Donnenfeld of Advanced Vision Research and Stephanie Eddy of KMI with Georgiana Olwell of Advanced Vision Research and Jack Manheimer of Greenwood Group

John Willamen of Global Life Technologies, Pat O'Leary and Lauren Helfer of Greenwood Group, Phillippe Touret of Global Life Technologies, Jeff Penchina of Greenwood Group, Virginie Bevsocnier and Kevin Walsh of Global Life Technologies, Jeff Manning and Daniel Vin of HeatMax and Tom Hodson of Greenwood Group

Wayne Bennett of Drug Store News (center) with John Crain and Dan Quail of Similasan at the Emerson Group party

Mike Svetina of Omron Healthcare, Roger Olsen of The Emerson Group and Chuck Dushman of Omron Healthcare at the Emerson Group party

The social scene at NACDS Marketplace 2009.