NACDS Annual Meeting 2009 - Evening Events (Upsher-Smith, Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner, P&G and IRI parties)


David Yost of AmerisourceBergen with Don and Connie Pullin of Fruth Pharmacy at the Upsher-Smith Party

Ron and Susan Clerico of Cardinal Health with Theresa and Chris Dimos of Supervalu at the Upsher-Smith Party

Mike McBride of Upsher-Smith with Sheri and Vic Curtis of Costco at the Upsher-Smith Party

Tom Burke of Upsher-Smith, George Bartell of Bartell Drug and Terri Burke of Upsher-Smith at the Upsher-Smith Party

Frank Segrave of Cardinal Health with Wanda and Andy Giancamilli of Snyders Drug Stores at the Upsher-Smith Party

Dave McConnell of GMDC with Cindy and Tim Lesneski of Meijer at the Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner Party

Belinda Louie of London Drugs, Frank and Sharon DiLascia and Brandt Louie of London Drugs at the Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner Party

Noel and Nancy Wallace of Colgate-Palmolive with Bob Loeffler of H-E-B and Kathy Napolitano of Colgate-Palmolive at the Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner Party

Larry and Debra Ammons of Wakefern Food, Harriet and Barrie Levine of Drug Fair and Chris and Kim Lane of Wakefern Food at the Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner Party

Ed Stormzand and Marcia Love of Meijer with Deamaire and Eddie Lee Stephens of P&G at the P&G Male Grooming Zone

David Acchione of Roundy's Supermarkets with Beverly Grant and Bill Spain of P&G at the P&G Male Grooming Zone

Rick Johnson, Kristin Barren and Lisa Schmidt of P&G at the P&G Male Grooming Zone

Michael Moore, Dennis Curran, Clare Campbell and Ed McDonald of P&G at the P&G Male Grooming Zone

Chris Krese of NACDS with Peter Seuss of P&G at the P&G Male Grooming Zone

Dana and Craig Norman with Dennis Wiesner and Donna Montemayor of H-E-B at the IRI Reception

Mike Voaden and Tom Nestor of Alberto-Culver at the IRI Reception

Connie and Craig Stoll with Dan and Stephanie Biery of Schering-Plough Consumer Healthcare at the IRI Reception

Ted Peterson of CHPA with Jeff and Liz Bekos and Brian Webster, all of Life Clinic International at the IRI Reception

Mark Parise and Mike Kaskie of IRI at the IRI Reception

Upsher-Smith, Colgate-Palmolive/Time Warner, Procter & Gamble and Information Resources Inc. parties at NACDS Annual 2009.