NACDS Annual Meeting 2009 - Seen at Cabana Row (Part 2)


Marianne Oldewurtel and Leonard Nihan of Salvatori-Scott with Rick Wellinger and Scott Emerson of Emerson Group

Aki Yoshida and Mark Cieslinski of Mentholatum with David Acchione of Roundy's Supermarkets (center)

Arnie Silver of Walgreens with Mark Doherty and Steve Gibson of Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Casey Keller, Mike Voaden and Tom Nestor of Alberto-Culver with Chris Lane of Wakefern Food Corp.

Coleman Jackson of Acosta Sales and Marketing with Audie Rudiger, Bob Kelly and Bruce Kramer of Wahl Clipper

John Freeland of Information Resources Inc., Bill Campbell of Anheuser-Busch, Mark Parise of IRI, Joe Patti of Anheuser-Busch, Thom Blischok of IRI and Terry Hoffman of Anheuser-Busch

Beauty vet Harvey Alstodt and Tom Ryan of CVS Caremark

Don Voss and Mike Burgo of Acost Sales and Marketing with John Nosek, Michael Amy, Lori Mills and John Sullivan of Kao Brands, and Robert Hill of Acosta Sales and Marketing

Courtney Olson of P2B with Charlie Bowlus of ECRM and Curt and Mary Behrens of P2B

Adam Eagon, Steve Petagna and Tracy VanBibber of Dial Corp. with Cheryl Mahoney of CVS Caremark

Armando Kellum and Steven Greenstein of Sandoz, Janet Miller of H.D. Smith and Rich Tremonte, Craig Salmon and Christine Mundkur of Sandoz

Blair Logan, Karen Fondu, Frederic Roze and Don Bush of L'Oreal

David Russell, Mary van Praag and John Burgfechtel of Coty

Robert McCaughey of Pacific World with Terry Riddel and Bob Huebner of Alva-Amco

Pat Lockridge and Chuck Averkamp of Premium Retail Services Inc.

Joe Magnacca of Duane Reade with Mary Batchik and Steve Ebsen of S.C. Johnson

Jeff Powers and Harvey Sosin of The Natural Dentist

Bill Graham, Iain Holding, Nick Rini and Tina Jackse of Beiersdorf

Craig Nowokunski and Scott Cowper of Kimberly-Clark with Philip Quinlan and Douglas Hoey of NCPA

Kevin Tassinari and John Saidnawey of Jo'H Sales with Paul Murphy of Nice-Pak (center)

Richard Patrylak of Merck & Co., Joel Saban and Tim Kane of CVS with Rose Mary Hoy of Merck & Co. and Jon Roberts of CVS

Bret Calder, Mike Catanio and Steve Williams of Bayer with Colleen Esgro of Patriot Pharmaceutical

Seen at cabana row at NACDS Annual 2009.