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Olay marks global launch of Olay Skin Advisor

The tool has been visited more than a million times, the company said, noting that as more photos and data are processed, Olay Skin Advisor learns more about skin and users’ skin concerns and preferences. 

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Acure rolls out its Travel Pack

Beauty brand Acure  this week unveiled its new Acure Travel Pack — four of the company’s products in travel-friendly bottles that are TSA-approved. 

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Alabama independents fighting to exclude prescription revenue from gross receipt calculations

Approximately 530 Alabama independent drug store owners are seeking relief of as much as $5,000 per store per year in business license fees by excluding prescription sales from gross receipts, according to a report published Friday by the Alabama Media Group. State legislation has been introduced to that end, but is opposed by local municipalities looking at stark revenue reductions. "Cities like Montgomery and Mobile claim the hit would be excessive," the report noted. "In Mobile, city officials estimate that computing a store's gross sales by including prescription medicine has brought in an average of $465,000 annually for the past five years." (