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FDA approves Lupin generic

Tobramycin Inhalation Solution USP, 300 mg/5 ml, a generic version of Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ TOBI 300 mg/5 ml, is indicated for the management of cystic fibrosis patients with P. aeruginosa.

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Report: Shopko Foundation supports local arts

The Batesville Herald-Tribune is reporting that the Shopko Foundation, based in Green Bay, Wis., recently awarded a grant to foster arts appreciation in Indiana’s Franklin County. The report said the grant, given to the Franklin County Arts Council, had been put toward a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” for Oldenburg Acadamy students by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. (Batesville Herald-Tribune)

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Report: Medical tourism could see rise under new health care law

Yahoo News is reporting that the medical tourism industry could see increased interest if the Affordable Care Act is replaced and patients in the United States decide to seek less pricey coverage in other countries. Mexico, in particular, could see an uptick in Americans headed to the country for medical care, and medical tourism advocates view that potential as “a component of a larger trend toward people seeking global options in their health care,” according to the report. (Yahoo News)