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Rules of the road: South Korea

South Korea is much more than Psy’s pop single “Gangnam Style” or the TV series “M*A*S*H,” which lasted three times longer than the actual Korean conflict. It’s one of the most remarkable modern economic success stories. The Eighth United States Army, about 29,000 strong, has long had a front row seat, but most Americans have not. Starting with the ’88 Olympics coming out party, South Korea has arrived. For U.S. OTC brand owners, it’s inevitably an A-list market.

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DSN hosts exclusive reception with CVS Health

Drug Store News hosted an exclusive reception last week in Providence, R.I., to mark the release of the October 2016 issue of DSN, which featured the special cover feature, “CVS Doubles Down on Health.” In all, more than 100 guests attended, including about 25 CVS executives and select members of the vendor community.

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Astellas to acquire Ganymed

In a move that would expand its oncology pipeline, Astellas Pharma announced Friday its agreement to acquire Ganymed Pharmaceuticals for €422 million, or about $461 million.